Holy 5* Choices

I currently have joon and inari fully levelled. My next choice to ascend is between white rabbit, vivica, justice, and leonidas.

My current 5*s are:

Khagan, azlar, elena, natalya (need rings), captain kressel (needs rings)
Mother north, kadilen, elkanen
Misandra, isarnia, magni
Sartana, obakan, quintus

I have all the classic 4*s and many specials.

Im leaning towards Justice since i dont have any high ranking paladin heroes and mother north will be my healer.

Thanks for the advice!

White Rabbit should be your choice, justice and MN in your lineup may be too slow I fear. Also C. Kestrel needs to be your next red imo.


Definitely agree with White Rabbit.

One of only 2 holy defence down heroes (costume Vivica is the other).

1000000000% should do to boost titan damage. He’s also really good on raids & painful in defence of he gets buttons :slight_smile:

I’d go White Rabbit myself, but Vivica is a close second with you having so few 5* healers. Do not do Justice or Leo unless you find yourself with 18 darts and lots of tomes/blades.

If your 4* healers are working for you in wars, then go white rabbit. Otherwise go Viv.

Pfft injustice is not a good idea.

Agree white rabbit, with Fast defense down… then Joon to finish the target (1-2 punch)

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