Next yellow ascend 5* help

Tell me please your opinion. I have finished uareus proffesor penolite leonidas c . Bai yong sir roostey all 20 talents and i have now 6 darts. Options zhuge liang, hanitra,kara,sif ,joon ,justice, gurdian owl, swcond professor, vivika costume and ranvir or wait for better hero. I dont have miki or tarlak(((. Please poll i dont know how to fix it. Thanks.

Really depends on what else you have and what you are looking for. Avoid Hanitra she is terrible.

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As you have costume Leo, I’d recommend Coztume Vivica for titan purposes.

Zhu or kara
But depends on your other colors and if f2p or no

If u don’t have taunter yet then kara might be useful

+20 Kara, She is beast

  • Zhuge liang
  • Hanitra
  • Kara
  • Sif
  • Joon
  • Viv costume
  • Ranvir
  • Prof. #2

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I left out Justice and G. Owl just to save you some disappointment. :beers:


z huge or Kara. Nice choices!!

Ihave krambus costume for taunt

then go for sif, her ruposte and mana boost is great

In my honest opinion, from what you have said, I would either go for Kara to have a 2nd taunt hero in war. Or focus on Costume Vivica
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I voted for Sif . Because the counterattack . Decent hero good special