Uncertain which holy to ascend

Hello i am having a bit of difficulty choosing who to ascend/ level up out of my selection of Holy heros.
I have :

Inari, Delilah, justice+ costume, joon + costume onatel and hanitra.

I have got a few maxed with emblems prof lindbrock, costume Vivica and drake.
Have a maxed kadelin costume aswell.
Thanks in advance for your help/ suggestions.

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You got enough healers so long so i woud say in this order onatel inari then joon cause the the emblems you should have

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Costume Joon first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks i was thinking of joon costume as my yellows are lacking a decent sniper.

Here’s a poll for ya:

  • Inari
  • Delilah
  • Justice (with costume)
  • Joon (with costume)
  • Onatel
  • Hanitra

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I’d lean towards Onatel or costume Joon since you already have healers and dodgers.

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i would recommend c. joon… he’s one of the best sniper with fighter class… :sunglasses:

Thanks coudlnt find how to add poll. Checked settings tab no luck.

I have an abundance of healers accross most colours.

No problem mate! Added some image on where to find the poll setting for your future reference :slight_smile:


Thanks that is not on my option list ends on blur spoiler.

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Oh i forgot about bai yeong.

Don’t worry about Bai Yeong :stuck_out_tongue: until he gets a costume/buff I probably wouldn’t touch him at all.

Lol probably why i forgot about him.

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You can keep on forgetting him !
He is very similar to Joon C, but so much weaker.

His damage is low. His blind is really good but only vs one enemy. Drake or Neith’s blind are so much better

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Yeah, he was one of the first few hotm I managed to pull from Legends portal but he stayed at 3.70 ever since lol. As a sniper his damage is underwhelming. His blind is great but I think it should last longer to be any useful - requires incredible timing.

Yea i have drake at 4^80 + 20 (sorry if incorrect way to display.)

big puncher is needed for ur yellow team, and joon will serve u well

joon a kickass sniper

Anyone but Hanitra. She is terrible.

Ok, don’t make fun of me, but since I used costume Renfeld in the last vf 3* tourneys, I’ve wanted Onatel in the worst way. This mana steal mechanic is SO good.

Blind is great for titans, so C Joon is a great option, but you already have that with Drake. And I prefer hit-3’s than snipers anyway, but that’s a personal choice. Snipers have their place too.