Hoarding and Recovering Iron/Food from Hero Academy

I’ve started hoarding Iron in Hero Academy L4 (Uncommon troops). However, if I try to recover the iron, I see that both iron and recruits are lost if you don’t have sufficient recruits storage.

E.g., my recruits storage is at 310. I’ve 250 recruits stored at present. I’ve sufficient capacity for iron. I go and reduce the training counter by 1. It gives me the warning that resources will be lost and if I hit ok, both the recruits and the iron are gone. What I expected was that only recruits will be lost (since there’s not enough capacity) but iron will be returned (since there’s enough capacity).

Is this a bug or by design? If by design, it makes hoarding somewhat impractical as you cannot recover the elements back.

One can always transfer recruits into TC11 or something to empty the storage but this consumes HAM and you’ll run into same issue while trying to recover the HAM. I haven’t tested if TC works the same but I assume it does.

How do you work around it, if there’s a workaround at all?

It seems you already familiar with the “storing” tricks in the game. The next step in the right direction is to accept the fact you’ll have some iron/ham stuck to keep your recruits in storage.

Once you’ve accepted this, you’ll learn to ignore the hams/iron stucked and treat them as refundable storage fees

It seems to be by design as this has been around for some time. Hoarding is not impractical. Here is how you can get your resources back. I highly recommend. Although I did get inpatient and gave up at one point.

^about food, but you can apply to iron if you want.

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Thanks for the trick! That’s seems like another grind - just like rest of the game; and a reason to purchase VIP - also typically modus operandi for $G :grin:

I’m also gonna take another advice from that thread - stop hoarding them in TCs, HA.

I’m at a point where recruits are not a concern - they are like Rekhetre - I don’t want them yet I have ton of them. For food, I’m gonna start levelling troops or craft. Same with Iron.

Thanks again for pointing it out!