[Hoarde, Iron] Less than optimal iron storage or Zero, er, Hero Academy level 6 Rare troop training ( HA6 )

There is no better way than HA6 yet.

HA6 costs 150 recruits :slightly_frowning_face: it is huge for me.

What about HA 2? 50 recruits.


It’s weird but that changes so quickly. I have literally so many recruits now I don’t even empty it when I get full. I have over a year in HA6 too.

This game does that…you struggle on certain bits for a while, then the dam breaks and the issue disappears. Only to block the river further down again :joy:


Anti-hoard design

HA09 retraining 3* troops, and HA10 retraining 5* heroes, are limited to a queue length of 1 ( see notes )

This appears to be an anti-hoard design for food, and iron


HA09 requires 171 k iron, and 28.57 recruits, per day, and no other materials are consumed ( retraining does not reduce the number of 3* troops )

HA10 requires 184 k food, and 42.85 recruits, per day, and no other materials are consumed ( retraining does not reduce the number of 5* heroes )

Reducing hoards

All other training, in Hero Academy, seem designed to empty players’ hoard of 1* to 3* farmable ascension items as quickly as possible

Guaranteed rare ( see notes )

Compare to Guaranteed Rare ( RT12 ) which uses 1x 1* ingredient per day

Undo training

Users cannot undo the last training in a queue

By limiting the queue to 1, you cannot undo HA09, and HA10 retraining

By limiting the queue to 1, you cannot store huge amounts of iron, and huge amounts of food, using non consumed duplicate 4* troops, and non consumed duplicate 5* heroes

See also

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Iron sink

Currently I am using excess iron to create harpoons

Per 1* crafting ingredient, used to make harpoons,

Damage to target 107
Attack - 2.85 % / - 3.57 %,
Defense - 0 % / - 4.28 %,
for 0.8571 turns


13.5 k iron consumed


(The Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) or Harpooning Vivica in Trials of Fortitude and Friar Tuck in Trials of Piety)

([Warning!, Tip, Danger!] 🎶 Drunken Santa ( apologies to the Irish Rovers ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa's Challenge)

([Tip] One trick titans absolutely hate or Harpoon vs. titan vs. STUNNED titan or Hidden information about harpoons)

Queue of 1

Guaranteed rare

Harpoon Math

([Math] Harpoon production, watchtowers, mines and farms [More Math, Do you find math fun?])


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