High titan hitters

How can some players consistently get 40-50k hits on the titans? I am assuming they have super computers for brains that lets them see patterns we mere mortals don’t or they have the lucky of the Irish and get every good board we don’t. Either that or they have figured out a way to smuggle bazookas into the game and just splatter the titan every turn they get :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They stack strong colors and enhance their heroes with offensive buffs (+ATK and/or +CRIT) while also lowering titan’s defense, they hit the weak spot to not die/to deal more damage and uses +CRIT troops to raise it further. And finally they use all of their rocket launchers to obliterate the titan :slight_smile:


Color stacking, attack buffs defense debuffs, wu Kong, and an occasional battle item (tornado, mana potions, time stops)

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I just hit a 10* red for 66k by using the following:

  1. Arthur 3/70
  2. Alasie max
  3. Grimm max
  4. Kiril max
  5. Wu Kong max

I charge up grimm and arthur and fire their specials off the bat. Grimm = -34% defense, Arthur = -39% attack and -64% ice defense.

Tehn I used a couple timestops and a few tornadoes to get favorable tiles. Could have used some more blues though. Charged up wu and fired him and let the blue tiles fly.


I did something similar to a yellow titan using Wu, Domitia, Sartana, Tiburtus and Rigard to clear the blind. Mana potions to charge Wu and Tibs, then cut loose with tiles.
When I’m using a heavy color team like that, I try to create diamonds in the missing colors, fire them off to get rid of those color tiles and stun the titan, then use a time stop to get rid of his mana. Lather, rinse, repeat as fast as possible


I did 130k damage the other day to a red titan with this team.


Here’s a short video I made with some tips.


It’s almost entirely board dependent… Little skill is required to see the obvious moves when the board is good. My best titan hits always have one thing in common… lots of easy combos that keep the tiles moving and the titan stunnned. Color stacking and using mana potions to power up Wu Kong, Kiril, Boldtusk as well as, debuffers like Grimm, Gormek and Tiberius Is all there is to it. Bear and dragon banners as well… Also using time stops and tornadoes can help increase damage but if you have to use those you generally have a crappy board anyway.


nice video. I couldn’t see your troops. on that level are they? I think troops are very important.

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my friend the key here is wu Kong and high level troops…

I use single color teams and Wu. I activate Wu right away and start moving tiles. I bring tornados and time stops as well. We fight 7 and 8 star titans. My highest score was 67k. I average 25-35k per hit. Of course on occasion the board gods get you and you barely squeak out a 15k.

Yeah, the only trick is color stacking and using WU, and getting lucky. When the board is good I’ve been able to do 50-60K, but even with a bad board having the right color heroes and Wu I still manage 20K+. Our last titan was a green 6* and I fielded BT, Gormek, Marjana, Scarlett, and Wu and managed to hit for 58K, no items used. The board was good to me that day, lol.

@2Spookd great video and tips! Thanks for posting this.

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In this video I have 2 crit troops at lvl 15, then Wu has a lvl 8 crit. The others are 3* or lvl 1.

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Wu + 4 of the strong color against the titan works for me. 25K consistently with 40K 25% of the time. If you can get a Pulverizer (Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek) along with a color defense debuffer (Jackal, Falcom, Panther, others) that helps a lot. Tornadoes and Super mana potions are almost a must for that level of damage.

Thank you so much to all that posted…you have given me much to work on. I have just about all the hero’s mentioned…just need to work on leveling them up. I still think a super computer brain would help for seeing patterns…any one know of a second hand one in good condition going cheap ?

I know it’s an old thread but I cant find what I’m looking for.

Can anyone tell me if multiple alliances members hitting the titan at the same time increases damage done by all?

Against green titans:

Wu Kong (+185% attack, -32% accuracy)
Azlar (great tile damage)
Boldtusk (+48% attack and restore some health)
Wilbur (-44% defense of titan)
Guardian Falcon (-44% red elemental defense of titan).

Using mana potions and arrows (reduce titan accuracy).

I got Wu Kong recently, and I had unmaxed heroes (Wilbur was 3-60, Boldtusk 3-60 and Azlar 3-70). My record was 54k. I don’t have Falcon, so I’m using maxed and talented Scarlett.

Now Boldtusk is maxed and talented, Azlar is maxed and talented, Wu Kong is near 3-60. But in two weeks my alliance is fighting a bizarre sequence of yellow and purple titans. Yikes.

Usual recipe (matching titan’s elemental weakness), avoiding overwriting skills:

  1. Wu Kong (*Tarlak)
  2. Attack buffer (Boldtusk, Kiril, Tarlak, Lancelot, Ares, Zimkitha)
  3. Defense debuffer (Tiburtus, Gormek, Grimm, Kunchen, Wilbur, Athena, Isarnia)
  4. Elemental defense debuffer (Evelyn, G. Falcon, G. Jackal, G. Panther, Frida, King Arthur, Cheshire Cat)
  5. Someone else with great tile damage

Wilbur, Tarlak, Ares and Athena are outstanding against titans.


It does not.

Also, my trick is taking my time and making only matches that make sense, not ANY match. On higher level titans I focus more on the ‘stun’ matches as I sort through the board. Rushing matches feels contrary to what you want to do because of the timer, but only results in erratic and usually poor scores.

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