Heroes Ready to Ascend: Who to prioritize?

Joon (2/60) (I would only be able to get him to 3/70 for now)
Chao (3/60)
(My current maxed Yellows are: Li Xiu)
[I also have Justice (4/20) (I realized how much food she is using so put her on hold for now to do more 4*)

Caedmon (3/60)
Hansel [my second] (3/60)
(My current Greens: Hansel, Peters, Kashhrek, Melendor)

Guardian Falcon (3/60)
Sumitomo (3/60)
Gormek (3/60)
(My Current Reds: Colen, Scarlett, Kelile, Wilbur)

Boldtusk (only 2/26 but I am working on him now [only got him yesterday])

If you can, let me know who to prioritize in your opinion for the Gloves. Doesn’t have to be in colour order, just overall.
I was thinking to do Caedmon and then Boldtusk. It seems for my Alliance, we get put against mostly people with Blue Tank.
Boldtusk second because well… it’s BT and I see everyone using him all the time so he is really good, I assume?

After that, I am not sure who to do from the others that ar ready?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate the help

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In my honest opinion, and I have these heroes, the “must do” would be Guardian Falcon, Caedmon and Boldtusk and finish off Joon.
Good luck


Fine Gloves are scarce for me it seems, I have 0 right now but if Farholme (1) is out tonight, then I will get a pair. Who of those would you use that first pair of gloves on?

That a hard one. But Guardian Falcon would be the first choice for me.


What JGE said plus your second Hansel for war vs blue tanks. Hansel is among the very top tier four star heroes


Ok thanks everyone. I did Farholme and used those gloves on Guardian Falcon.
And I agree with Hansel I love him, he is amazing in titans and event bosses. His mana reduction is just top notch for me. Can make a HUGE difference.


Hansel, Boldtusk, Falcon…in that order.

Sorry, didn’t see Wilbur in there: Wilbur first, then the others.

Nevermind, maxed him already.

Falcon - with those reds already done, he’ll power up your existing bench.

Having spent those mats, Justice really should be finished… Until you’ve finished her, don’t touch Joon (ie: unless you’re in a position to max him, don’t do him - and when you’re in that position, max out Justice first).

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