First red or green 4* to ascend?

I have C-Boldtusk, G Falcon, or Sun-Shangxiang for reds and C-Melendor, Hansel, C-Caedmon, or Kashrek for greens…who should I ascend? For context, I’m just beginning to ascend 4*s and have ascended three so far - C-Kiril, Wu Kong, & Merlin.

Priority of course for long term use, otherwise trying to keep boosting my Titan scores as those have been my best bet to getting more gloves which is what I lack for ascension mats right now

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Great choices for red!

I’d do them in that order. C Boldtusk - Falcon - Sun-Shangxiang

For green I would do - C Melendor - C Caedmon - Hansel and I’d hold off on Kashrek



Regular Boldtusk (with costume bonus, and later +20 with limit break) will serve you well for many years


Boldtusk and Caedmon first. They were two of my first.

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Boldtusk is great and even with a good 5* red bench he still sees action, his stats are great with emblems and limit broken.

I really like Hansels mana control, used him a ton back in the day although his stats are probably a little dated compared to costumed heros. For immediate use id go hansel but for longevity c caedmon or mel

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In the long run you definitely want to have at least 1 good 4 star healer on each colour, but healers alone are not going to get you anywhere in this game. So I would maybe do 1 healer, 1 non-healer for now.
I find Boldtusk the better of the 2 healers, but so are your other red choices better than the greens. You´ll definitely want to get all 3 reds, but the Falcon needs other red hitters to benefit from his def down, so don´t upgrade him first. Sun is awesome (one of the best def-downers in the game).
Among the greens I think Hansel might be best. He´s kind of the green version of Merlin, faster, but only stealing half the mana. If you like Merlin, you´ll like him, too. They can work as a tag team, too :wink:
CCaedmon is also a good option with the possibility to either dispel or cleanse. If you want dispel you can use Melendor though, he´s better suited to dispel counterattacks as he doesn´t have to hit first.
Kashhrek is a good tank early on, if you like him get him right away, he will be losing usefulness faster than all the other options.

So I would maybe go with Boldtusk/Hansel or Melendor/Sun.


All the 3 reds will give long time use and in all likely hood all 3 for the rest of time :slight_smile:

Sun is the red with the highest def down.

Unless you get extremely lucky and pull C.Marjana, Falcon will be your red down for ever.

And I agree with Boldtusk also being one you will continue to use.

When you say ascend and not level I assume you have all 3 at 3.60? I don’t know which level titans you are facing but assuming you can stay alive and for green titas you use all 3 red + wu I would ascend Sun first. She has the highest attack stat of these and getting that up would help you with titan hits.