Hero roster — not sure how to move forward

I just returned to the game after being away for more than a year. I attached my current hero roster. I’m not really sure how to move forward:

  1. I’m constantly running TC20 in hopes to get more 5*
  2. Should I talent grid my current fully ascended 4*?

What would you do in my situation ? I’m open to any and all ideas. I realize that there is no one answer , but I just don’t know how to move forward / have a plan.

Thanks for your help!

Welcome back! There’ve been a lot of fun things added in the past year, like Raid Tournaments.

I like your 4* roster. I’d build that up a bit more before working on any 5* (particularly because none of the ones you have are really exciting). I’d focus on:

  • Purple - Tibertus, then Rigard. Although you have two of the Ramming Pulverizer trio, Tibby is very useful particularly because yellow tanks are so popular. Rigard is the best 4* healer in the game and the only 4* with a team-wide cleanse.
  • Yellow - Jackal is a superb hero; I’ve put emblems on him to +19 and regularly bring him to raids and wars paired with another yellow sniper (Joon for me, Chao for you). Once he’s done, i’d use yellow feeders on another project until you get a yellow 5* or Gretel.
  • Blue - finish Sonya then shift to Richard.
  • Green - Melendor then Horghall. You want Mel to build your healer roster up. You should have 6 healers minimum for alliance wars, one per team, especially facing the arrows. Horghall is not my choice of 5*, but he’s what you’ve got. Little John has his uses, but he’s very fragile.
  • Red - Wilbur is the priority here—put him and Wu on every titan, and you’ll be doing much better. Colen has his uses, but i’d probably move to Khagan after Wilbur.

I recommend training five heroes at a time at typur stage in development, one of each color. There’s a 20% experience bonus for feeding matched-color, which really helps build up your overall roster faster.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much ! This was extremely helpful. I greatly appreciate your advice.

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Oh, and to answer part 2, yes, use emblems on your 4*. None of your 5* are so exciting, and it’s much cheaper to get a 4* to +19 than a 5*. A 4* +19 is very nearly a 5*, sometimes with much more interesting skills.


Should I have 2 TC20 or stick to one ? I have 2xTC11, 1xTC20 but have the option of upgrading one TC to 20 or only up to 11.

Thanks again for your help.

I’d only run 1 until you’ve got your good 4* fed, then shift to 2.


@Kerridoc khagan over the 2.60 azlar?

Hmm, good point. No, probably the Azlar.

OP, apologies for my off-topic response, but I have nothing to add to the excellent responses Kerridoc gave you. Just do what they said. :smiley: Best of luck!

@Kerridoc, I have a question about this:

I got a Jackal at the last Guardians event and he’ll be maxed soon. I have 395 emblems waiting for him - enough to go 18 nodes. I looked at node 19 and wasn’t intrigued by +3% defense or +2% healing for 40 emblems. A few questions for you

  1. Which path did you take?
  2. Do you intend to do node 20 (+4% crit for 70 emblems)
  3. Assuming you took defense at node 19, has that appreciably improved Jackal’s survivability? Besides the high emblem cost, I was disinclined to do that node because I suspect the impact will be minimal in terms of staying alive.

I went the +defense side of node 19. The extra critical chance for node 20 isn’t a priority for me; it would help his tile damage, but I also wanted to start putting emblems on Khiona.

I debated about the value of node 19. It’s really hard to tell when +3% defense matters, but there certainly have been times when Jackal hung on by a thread–not often, but there it is. The biggest boost is getting Evade to max.


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