Hero roster feedback

Hi all! I’ve been lurking around the forums for a while, but decided to create my own user today and post my first topic.
I was really hoping for some feedback on my hero roster, as I can’t decide who to level and who belongs ony optimal teams for raids defence and titans.
My strongest team in terms of power is my first rainbow 5*

I’ve been having some serious luck with this Atlantis pull, but now my bench is getting stuffed with heroes waiting for materials.

I’m planning to fully level team 1 (perhaps changing Drake with Onatel) I’m leaning towards leveling team 2 after that.
As of today I have enough materials to fully level a complete 5* rainbow team and one extra blue.

So, any thought on who I should focus on? Any good synergies I should work with and so on?
Appreciate the help!

Wow. Your roster is amazing.
Hatter and frida for sure.

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