Help with legendary team

Around four months in, a few serious and a lot of small purchases, and now my roster looks like this:

image image

I’ve followed the advice of pro players and built on a solid lineup of 4* heroes, although with compasses being so hard to come by, I can only max out three of them at the moment. Still, this seems like a good enough roster to continue playing for a while, and rack up ascension materials for a legendary team. But with the current 5* heroes I have, I’m not sure which ones I should focus on.

I will definitely max out Khiona, she’s ready to fight with her 8/8 skill. I’m leaning towards Ares as the main red, but Zim also looks solid for all occasions. I will probably max out Richard first since Ares or Zim will be my tank and Aegir seems difficult to use. But I’m not so sure if Leo is a good enough yellow to invest in, and I think I still need to pull for a good green since Kadilen and Horghall both seem a bit underwhelming (I love Kadilen though and will probably still grow them both to at least 2.60). I was hoping I can get some insight about the current 5* roster I have, and for any recommendations on which color I will need to focus my next pulls on.

Also, I was hoping to get some tips on which 3* and 4* heroes I should keep, since there are several of them that I’m not sure are worth using. Thank you all in advance and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you!

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Oh and Sharan just managed to slip unnoticed for that last photo, hahaha. :sweat_smile: She was gobbled up by Boldtusk soon after that. :smile:

Alright I’m here to help. Since you clearly understand the importance of 4*, I won’t reiterate that. Though, I will say you should focus on one hero in each color at a time until either 1. You max them or 2. They’re at the mat wall. Also, looks like you have a few dupes; I prefer variety, so I would level new heroes first, but keep your dupes to work on later. & Unless you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to ascend your 5*, I would work on finishing your 3* first since they’re cheaper and quicker to level. Then I would start on your 5* or dupes.

Now, I’ll list all of the heroes you should work on, why, in what order, and all of that:

Red: Finish off BT- you’re so close and he’s one of the best 4* because of his buff and heal (4*) Nashgar and Namahage are done, so next is Hawkmoon, then Azar (can do Jaha, dupes, or 5* after that) (3*) Personally, both Ares and Zimkitha will help you, but in different ways. Ares will be useful everywhere, increasing attack and crit for Titans or attacking- and also makes a great tank. Zimkitha will be more for raids for the cleanse. Can’t go wrong with either, but personally I would do Ares first for that buff, but if you value cleansing more- do Zim. Obviously eventually do them both (5*).

Blue: Level up Grimm, he’s the best Pulverizer, then Kiril for that heal and dragon banner (but he can wait til after Grimm, since you already have most of that covered with BT- but always need a lot of healers for war), after Kiril I’d do Sonya for the fast dispel, Boril for mostly defensive purposes- but also can work offensively, dupes, Agwe last (4*). Finish Gato, then Ulmer for defense down on all, then Gunnar for the link (do Valen first if you pull him) (3*). I’d do Richard if you want an attacker, or Aegir if you don’t do Ares right away and need someone with some survivability. Aegir is very controversial, but overall I think he’s fairly good- just not top tier, and takes some getting used to and playing around with. Richard isn’t the best either, so idk if I’d spend 4* mats on either, unless after playing with both enough to decide for myself if they fit with what I’m looking for or not. If not, wait for Isarnia and/or Magni (5*).

Green: Caedmon is great for the dispel so he’s definitely worth ascending, then Kashhrek if you need a solid tank for defense and/or war. If you don’t need a tank, do Kashhrek after Little John- his attack stat is nice and high and the lowered mana gen is helpful. Do dupes, and Skittle last. (4*) Mnesseus is done, so I’d work on Brienne for the buff, Belith for a 3* healer that dispels, then Berden (3*). Both Kadilen and Horghall aren’t too great, so I’d maybe level them to 60 or 70, but I wouldn’t spent 4* mats on either and wait for someone like Lianna (5*).

Yellow: Ahh, you don’t have Wu Kong. Well, if you get Wu, get him in the works ASAP- he’s great for Titans and events. Since you’re almost done with Li Xiu, I would finish her then start on Hu Tao I guess? Not really a fan of him (4*). Since Bane is maxed, I’d do Melia next, then Gan Ju, then Kailani for the link, then another Bane (3*) Leonidas is decent, but not someone I would spend rare mats on; I’d wait for Joon or Vivica (5*).

Purple: Since Tibs is done, I’d start on Rigard for that deep heal and cleanse, then Ameonna for Titans and high tile damage, then dupe (4*). Since Balthazar is done, I’d work on Gill-Ra next for the cleanse, then Tyrum for the dispel (& Chochin if you pull him) (3*). Khiona is amazing, and so is her buff, so she’s definitely deserving of mats and leveling (5*).

Now, I listed it in the order of 4*, 3*, and 5*- but you can finish your 4* and then move onto 5* for some of your better ones. Especially since you already have a few 3* leveled, but for events, it’s better to have at least two 3* fully leveled in each color. & Since they’re fast, they’ll help round out your roster quickly for wars.

Have any questions, feel free to ask :blush:


I’d recommend 3 teams of 4* before you look at 5* heroes. By the time you have this foundation, you’ll be set with ascension mats for 5* anyways.

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Wow! Thanks so much first of all for giving such comprehensive and helpful advice, I had to start with that. :slight_smile:

I come from the @Kerridoc school :smiley: and he and other players (@NPNKY notably) really guided me well in building my main team, that’s where I got the focus on 4* heroes. That’s also where I got the advice to build a good list of 3* heroes, although now it’s kind of gotten out of hand. I’ve also only collected three compasses since I started playing, so that’s why a lot of the 4* are stuck at the mat wall (I like that term, thanks!).

Red: I will follow that on BT, right now he’s about the only one who gets any red food, except when suddenly I feel like feeding Namahage a bit to max out his special (which is sadly just 5/8 despite being 3.50). There was a time when Hawkmoon became the main red trainee until I was able to ascend BT, so I’ll definitely continue that when BT is done. I almost got rid of Azar because I figured she wouldnt be so useful even in challenge events, but then I remembered that boss fights could use some mana burn so yes, I will follow that too. I’m currently torn between keeping either Jahangir or the duplicate Nashgar though, I just feel like it would be good to trim down the list since there will be other heroes and I’m kind of stingy with gems to increase my maximum. Do you think it’s good to keep them both? If not, which one’s better? I’m thinking Jahangir is a nice cleanup option but Nashgar is really good too. :smiley: And yes, definitely keeping both Zim and Ares, and also agreeing to start on Ares first. By the time the 4* and 3* roster is fully or mostly improved, I’d hopefully have the stuff needed for both of them to be maxed as well (I’m also counting on them to stay relevant until then, they’re both really good I think). But just a final issue with red, I agree completely that healers are necessary in wars, so would it be good to start on the second BT maybe after Hawkmoon, and just grow him to maybe 3.50 due to compass shortage?

Blue: I totally agree on Grimm. I wish I had another really :smiley: I used to think I’ll have a hard time deciding between him and Kiril, especially since I realized Kiril also works as a direct dispel of atk or def debuffs aside from healing, but you’re right about BT covering most of what Kiril does and Grimm is just too cool to not max out. It’s also brutal to have him along with Tibs to really pulverize enemies. I’m right there with you about Sonya too, she’s so cool and quite scary to go against, and would have been the next blue if I hadn’t gotten Grimm first. Dispel is just too vital for wars and raids and she’s quite a hitter too. But is Agwe a good bet? I’ve gone up against him a couple of times, and he rarely made a difference for the other team… Given my glut of blue heroes, would it be okay to just let him go? I’m gonna finish Gato next as you said, and yes I am hoping I get a Valen very soon (I still cant get over feeding my first one to Kiril way back). But on the duplicates, I’m also a fan of diversity but do you think it would be okay to work on the next Gato right away? He seems very strong and quite handy in wars and events, but right after he’s done I will definitely work on Ulmer and Gunnar next. I only kept Karil around since he completes a potential all blue team for events, but if Valen comes along he will be fed. :stuck_out_tongue: For the 5*, I’ve gathered as much from the conversations about the two that I have and I also agree, they might not be the kind that deserve to be maxed out no matter what. If I never get a better blue though, I was also leaning towards Richard since I do need a focused hitter other than Khiona on that future team, thanks for giving that more weight. :slight_smile:

Green: Copy that on Caedmon, haha I can just smell the next compass going straight to him. :smiley: I also agree that Kashhrek is a great choice after Caedmon because Kasshrek is just so annoying and so tough, and would work great for a defense team. My war defense really needs some toughness and I’m really going to consider growing Kash right away, but would it be wise to focus on 3* first, to also help me with challenge events? I see events requiring double colors so maybe I would work on the next 3* first (also I might be going against advice a bit by feeding Kadilen from time to time, just because I’m fond of her and to provide some strong backups during wars). I started on Berden because he’s a hitter, but I’ll shift to the order you provided now. :slight_smile: I might not have to finish all the 3* - maybe just Brienne and Berden - because I also agree, Little John is quite a badass. :smiley: I will also follow your advice on the rest, unless I am forced to give up Skittle for space.

Yellow: Haha no I don’t :frowning: Yellow has been my weak spot ever since I started playing, and it hasn’t improved too much now. I’m still stuck with the two 4* I got way back, although I’ve very satisfied with Li Xiu. If I get Wu Kong, I wil definitely work on him right away. I agree very much on Hu Tao, haha I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to improve him and he’s mainly there to make my yellow roster look loaded (and sometimes/rarely a body to throw at opponents during war) :smiley: I will follow the advice on Melia but would it be alright to feed her the duplicate, since her buff doesn’t stack? Also, would it be better to move on to the second Bane before Gan Ju, or maybe feed Gan Ju and then work on the third Bane? I’m interested in keeping maybe no more than 5 heroes per color, and Melia and Kailani are already in that list. As for Leonidas, I definitely agree, he’s decent but will only be improved to 2.60 at most. I will then use more gems on holy summons to get someone better. :slight_smile:

Purple: Thanks for the confirmation on Rigard, I almost didn’t want to use him anymore since I felt like I had too many healers, but after being beaten by several teams with him as a tank, he really made an impression on me. I was a bit doubtful about Ameonna at first since I always found it easy to kill her in raids, but you made me realize that yeah, she really would be great on titans. :smiley: I also almost fed Gill-Ra at some point, since she seemed too slow to be useful. But because she would only be used for challenge events, potions could negate her slowness so she can then negate the higher stats of the monsters :slight_smile: I will follow the rest of the order you gave me and will work on Chochin if I pull him, then the second Balthazar to just round up the dark 3* team. And last but not the least, Khiona will surely get consistent nourishment so she can lead my future legendary team. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for the tl;dr reply, I should have included my own thoughts in the post and I didn’t mean to duplicate our efforts. But I’m very very thankful for your ideas. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely keep going back to this thread to check on my strategy. :wink: Thank you again so much! :slight_smile:


Short but very effective, haha thanks! :slight_smile: I was wondering when I’d stop focusing on 4* teams, but definitely 3 is a good target. They don’t need to be fully grown, all of them, but with my apparent luck for getting some decent 4* heroes, maybe it’s best to improve them until I get a good number of teams before I start thinking about 5* heroes. This isn’t inconsistent with the advice from Randa there, and it makes a lot of sense because it will make me a star during alliance wars. :smiley: I’ll definitely work on this, thanks again :wink:

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I’m going to do my best to reply to all of your questions as I read them, and in order (so I apologize if this gets confusing, a lot to read, or jumbled- I’ll do my best to make it legible lol):

First off, I have to say you’re doing very well already :blush:

I understand the feeling of being short on compasses, those are what elude me too (along with Damascus Blades, and for some reason tall boots lol). Unless you have a for sure person you want to ascend, I’d stick to filling out a good rainbow team first (with the next few compasses you get).

Azar will be helpful for cutting mana, although, unless you’re OCD, like me, and eventually want a full collection of 3*, I think it’s safe to say you can get rid of Jaha- but I’d only do so after you have a solid 30+ heroes for war. Depending on if you do pulls or run TC13 or 20, you never know when you’ll get another hero needed to replace him. I like to hold onto heroes for a bit, and if I realize I will never use them or level them, I’ll feed them away. Nashgar is a lot better than Jaha but with Jaha it’s something different- so completely up to you. If you’re running out of space, you could eat them, or else it’s fairly cheap to expand your hero capacity (& I highly recommend it). Though, if you are stingy, then I’d go ahead and eat Jaha or second Nashgar- personally I think one is enough, unless you’re looking to compete in rare eventually, then a second might help. He’s one of the best attacking 3*, so a dupe might be better than one Jaha.

Since you have Namahage, and will have Hawkmoon leveled, I would do a second BT then. I’m sorry I didn’t list specifics with dupes, but that’s about when I’d level second BT (unless you pull Gormek or Wilbur- then I’d do them first).

Kiril is amazing, but Grimm will be a staple on your team for a very long time. Kiril should definitely come second though, that buff is great.

& Honestly, Agwe sucks but I have a hard time saying someone should eat any of their last copies of any 4* or 5* because of rarity, and most have at least some purpose. Agwe is one you could probably eat and not regret it, but idk to me it’s too risky. Especially if you don’t do many pulls. He’ll be stronger than some of your 3* at 3/60, so he might have a place in war.

I would get Ulmer for sure leveled before starting a second Gato, but if you don’t value spirit link all that much- you could do a second before Gunnar.

Yeah, with those questionable 5*, I would make the decision personally after playing around with them on 1-8-7 or raiding and see if I like em or they fit with what I’m looking for. If not, I’d wait for someone better.

If you’re not worried about a tank, you could get those 3* in the works since the 3* greens are some of the best, and there is so many of them! Plus, there’s no reflect green event [yet] so they can be used in all of them safely. You can work on Berden first if you’d like. I just figured with Mnesseus leveled, and Hawkmoon on the way, you were in more need of a buffer (Brienne) then Belith since she heals and dispels, then Berden for another solid green hit. As long as you get them all leveled, you should be good.

Little John will help when stacking green for Titans and for war, so definitely deserving of food.

I understand your love for Kadilen; she was my first 5*, and helped me survive quite a lot of nasty specials back in the day. I’ll sometimes bring her out for war; she’s nice paired with Isarnia (if you pull her). Other than that though, haven’t found too much use for her, but I get it.

Yellow is my weak spot too, it’s okay though, I would assume Wu will come to you soon (at least, I sure hope so). Li can be awesome during war, controlling everyone’s mana. I do like her too. Hu Tao, yeah idk. The blind is nice, but that’s about it. There’s just not enough good outta that slow speed [for him].

Honestly, I don’t care much for dupe 3* to be honest, but then again I’m just looking to complete the beginner tier, not compete in it. Plus, I have plenty of heroes for war so I never use my 3* for that. Those are the only two reasons I see to keep any dupe 3*. Unless they’re really awesome or you love them or something. I mean, Melia is one of the two characters that raises crit for the entire team, so she does have her thing. Depends on how much you value that, and use it.

As for second bane, I prefer variety so that’s why I suggested Gan Ju, plus Gan cuts mana like Azar so that can be useful. If you like Bane more, then a second Bane would work. I think he’s technically considered stronger anyway. You’ll want over six heroes per color for war, unless you don’t participate in that. Or did you mean 3*? Well, I’d rather keep one Gan Ju for the mana cut, one Kailani and one Melia, the rest could be Bane though. Bane is really awesome.

Yeah, Leonidas is better than given credit, but still not worth the mats (in my opinion). Lots of other better yellow 5* out there.

Rigard is the best 4* healer in the game. Cleansing is such a rare skill, so definitely why he deserves to get leveled. Plus, 42% is huge!

Ameonna isn’t someone I would’ve suggested you leveled before nearly anyone else except maybe Cyprian, because she seems very niche, but on Titans she should be pretty fabulous actually.

& No worries, I didn’t keep my first Gill-Ra til today; always hated looking at her, so I always had to feed her away immediately lol. Though, she does have a place on a 3* team as the only 3* cleanser for all allies.

And no apologies necessary! I type a lot too (clearly) so I understand the feeling personally. I hope this all helped and wasn’t too confusing. I typed up this whole thing while outside; my fingers are cold so they’re moving slower, so there might be a few typos in this lol. Hopefully it makes sense. & You’re very welcome, I’m always happy to help. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask, or come find me on here again. I usually check in everyday, so I’ll do my best to help out when I can :blush: Good luck and happy leveling :wink:


May i know what’s ASAP? :grin::grin::grin:

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ASAP: As soon as possible


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Oooo… ok ok thanx for the info :hugs::hugs:

Rolled gold advice @RandaPandah

Good one!

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@chippy you are in excellent hands with @RandaPandah

I have had Hu Tao as a mainstay of my team by necessity for a long time. I now have (multiple) Wu Kong, and also have Drake at 3/70 and Li Xiu at 3/60, and Justice soon to start levelling while I wait for darts… so Hu’s time is limited…

…But i want to show him some love. He has been an amazing support hero in every aspect of the game. Not a superstar, but with a good healer, and some fast hitters, he has saved me many times. I don’t regret giving him orbs whatsoever.

It’s horses for courses. Is he a ‘end game’ hero? No. Is he solid as a rock Gold to Platinum. Yes.

Apart from that I have enjoyed reading your thread about building a team. U have had some great players lay a solid foundation for you @chippy

It looks like that tradition is continuing…


Wow, thank you again so much! :slight_smile: I appreciate you typing on your phone with your fingers freezing like that :smiley: And thank you, I’m quite happy with my progress although the fluctuating cups can be very frustrating sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve also been lucky to find a really good alliance, which is very active in chat and uses up all flags for war and titans. It was really hard keeping up with them at first since I made quite a jump from hitting 3 to 5* titans to suddenly facing at least 7* :sweat_smile:, but lately I’ve been able to contribute well. This game can be too hard to enjoy if you don’t fight with a good team, and that’s been very helpful for me. :slight_smile:

Compasses are still very hard even if we have many sources of items, but the great part is that while I’m working hard to get the stuff I want now, I keep getting all the stuff I’d need for later. :smiley: If I could trade you my damascus blades I would, I’d even share if that was possible. :smiley: I’ll stick to your strategy and focus on rainbow teams as well.

Copy that on Jaha and Nashgar, I agree that variety is good, and a second Nashgar won’t be as valuable than a splash damage source for events that have swarming creeps. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also used up some gems for more space (70 now), haha I shouldn’t have been too stingy on 50 gems a pop. :stuck_out_tongue: It just solves a lot of problems for me.

It’s totally okay, haha I listed so many heroes I wouldn’t have been too specific with someone like that either :smiley: Roger that on BT too.

With more spots, I can say yes to Agwe now. :smiley: I have to agree, 4* are rarer than rare and yes he will probably find a good use at some point (just like Gobbler, who I heard will be the splash damage of choice by next month when minions are gonna be running around more often). At 3.60 or even 2nd tier, Agwe would still be a good fighter in wars.

I’ll also follow the advice on Ulmer and Gato. I just got a bit excited about two Gato being around Gunnar in a challenge event, but one would be good enough now while I take care of the other members of that team. I have to say I didn’t like Ulmer at first, thinking Valen is the best, but even with a Valen I do see Ulmer’s value now, just like Jahangir or Gill-Ra. For challenge events, they’d help me get to the boss fight faster and easier. :slight_smile:

Haha! Yes there are so many! I can’t get enough of looking at that green 3* hero list in the hero grading sheet, they have 4 grade As and 3 grade Bs, and no one with a lower grade. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also been lucky to get all of the grade As, and if Mnesseus would get the grade A he deserves then that’s a good green team indeed. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about the order, I do see the need for Brienne more. I just went with Berden before since I got him first, and he was kind of a replacement for the Valen that I lost. :smiley:

Kadilen was my first too! :smiley: Even when I got a bit bummed by the reviews on her, I still find her quite enjoyable to play. She won’t make the future team but she’ll definitely stay on my roster :stuck_out_tongue:

Hu Tao just seems so bulky and not so useful. Plus I always get to kill him in a match. There’s a comment here from Fishdreams giving him some love, and I do understand his spot on other players’ rosters, but for me he’ll probably stay there for the same reason as Agwe.

I agree with your view on 3* events. I’m also not that keen on competing well since that takes a lot more than just having the right heroes (definitely a lot of time), so yes I will follow that strategy on the yellow 3*s. Maybe 3 Banes are too much, and Gan Ju does have his place like Azar, so the yellow team will be Melia, Kailani, Gan Ju, and the Banes :wink: I do hope to get Wu soon, thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve started on Rigard now, he’s close to the first tier. The more I think about it I’m surprised I didn’t do it earlier (of course, I was also growing Tibby). With Rigard at max or operational level, I can swap him for Tiburtus and swap Grimm for Kiril on the attacking team, especially when I face my arch nemesis Colen and that long flowing hipster hair of his. :smiley:

Hahaha Gill-Ra really is hard to look at! And her concept just seems scary (although it fits too). :smiley: But one copy might be a good tool to have. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the time and the help. :slight_smile: SG is very lucky to have a good community form around the game like this, they benefit greatly from it because it helps players deal with those frustrating or confusing moments. :smiley: When I discovered this forum, that’s when I decided that this game deserves my attention. :slight_smile: Let’s keep in touch and happy leveling as well! :slight_smile:

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Hey @FishDreams! Haha yes indeed! Solid advice and doesn’t mind being exact with thoughts :slight_smile: I hope you have your support team as well, if you need it that is :smiley:

I do get the love for Hu Tao, haha I didn’t mean to hate on him. :stuck_out_tongue: I just remember getting him very early in the game and realizing he didn’t serve my needs at that time. But he’ll definitely stay on my roster to find that spot in the future, especially with the wars getting tougher. :slight_smile:

And thanks for that! That’s what I love about the game, players don’t mind sharing ideas, even if technically we’re all against each other here :smiley: Good luck and happy playing! :slight_smile:

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Hi @RandaPandah! I hope everything’s going well with you. Since you gave me that advice more than a month ago (?) this is how the roster looks like now:

image image

I think it’s really coming along well, and the 4* teams are getting broader and stronger. But I took a slight change in red by going with Ares and bringing him up to 2.60. Now I’ve come across two compasses and I was just wondering if I’m doing the right thing, giving one to Ares and the other to Rigard. For Ares, the only missing full tier material is a mystic ring, which I might be able to get from the Christmas special or from titans (hopefully). Rigard is looking like the best investment among the 4* right now and I will definitely use one of the compasses on him, but do you think Ares deserves the other? My red is kind of deficient so I was thinking maybe it’s worth getting my best 5* up to performance level.

Green is still a problem at 5*, but for 4 and 3* it gives me so many options, along with blue. :slight_smile: I also got lucky with a Vivica, giving me a healer for my future 5* team and a better hero than Leonidas (I think). I also pulled an unnecessary but still good second Li Xiu and a Chao, which might be a good attacker, and now I’m not sure if I should start growing these 4* or just keep working on my 3* first. Blue is steady as always, I’m safe with many options there.

Thank you for all your help again! :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m glad you’re doing well, your roster looks like it’s falling in place (of course it happens somewhat slowly, but it looks good :blush:).

You did well with ascending both Grimm and Caedmon. For your next ascension, I think Rigard is a solid choice. He will be your go-to deep heal, and help with all of those nasty specials that leave DOT or lowering one of your stats. You honestly can’t go wrong with him. Plus, you always need so many healers for war.

Still no Wu Kong, or else I’d have you ascend him :wink:.

Ares is a solid hero, and his buff is one of the best; he’s probably one of the top tier utility heroes, especially for Titans. If you’re close to having the mats to take him to 80, then I’d go for it. Only thing is, BT and Ares attack buff don’t stack, so using them together could be somewhat problematic. As long as you remember to activate Ares after BT, it should be fine (since his attack buff is better but only covers three).

The only problem I see with ascending two healers, is possibly not enough hitter choices while raiding or for events. That’s something to consider, but you do have a few already leveled. Caedmon is your only fast sniper, so I would definitely consider getting another one in the works (Sonya or Chao- Triton if you make pulls during Atlantis).

Do you find yourself struggling with hits? If you think your fire-power is sufficient enough, I’d do Rigard and Ares. If you think you’d rather get a few more hitters leveled, with the options you have, it’s either Chao or Sonya. Honestly though, I like both Ares and Rigard more personally. Yeah, they don’t hit, but they’re some of the most versatile and useful heroes out.

& Honestly, as long as you get one of those fast snipers to 60, they could be of some use when you need to stack or take out a color for events. I use plenty of 60 heroes to fill out my stacks and for events, so you could do that in order to level those two healers, while making sure you have a couple of hitter options.

Basically, if you don’t struggle having enough hitters, go for it! If you do though, I’d maybe do one of the healers, and one hitter. Hopefully you pull Wu soon, he’s definitely deserving of that compass too :grin:

Oh another thing, if you do Ares, I would try and work on a red 4* after. I’d usually wait to level 5* til you had at least two 4* in that color for options in stacking and for events. As long as you do that with most of the other colors though, you should be fine. I’d just make sure to make that a priority after Ares. So another thought to consider :blush:


Hi @RandaPandah! I am so, so sorry for the really very late reply… I followed your advice rigt after I read it but I ended up putting off my reply too many times :sweat_smile::sob: But thank you again so much before anything else! :slight_smile:

I done quite a few pulls since then, and here is the new, much bigger (not necessarily stacked, unfortunately) roster:

There are way too many yellows now, but it’s still a weak spot with no Wu Kong :sob: I’ve stopped at 60 with Leo and Vivica because though I came across one more compass, I’m not sure where I will use it next as yet (and I was hoping for some help on that too this time) :sweat_smile: I also don’t have enough darts to take a 5* all the way so I decided to continue growing my first Hu Tao for his higher HP than the second Bane. Should I have chosen Chao or the second Li Xiu for this instead? I’m also mulling over pulling for Onatel but I’m scared that she’ll get nerfed at some point and she just seems too risky even in her current state. :sweat_smile:

I’ve been a bit lucky with the Christmas heroes by pulling Santa, Buddy, and Rudolph. Red is way too stacked for me now but only at 5* and 3*, and the duplicate BT is still only my second 4*. Maybe this is just my luck and I’m glad it’s at least a good 4*, since red seems a bit thin at good 4* hitters anyway in my view. I’ll go with your advice and definitely work on BT after Ares (who I can now raise with 8 rings). I pulled Buddy while I was already working on LJ, so I’ll probably take LJ to 60 then work on Buddy right away. Do you think Buddy is worth it? :sweat_smile:

My greatest regret is not pulling MN or Evelyn, and I really tried (as of writing, I still have half a day to try for MN but it was just a really sad miss for me that I dont have the chance for a good green 5* as the bonus summon anymore). :sob: If I pulled either one of them, I would have stopped pulling for more and just focus on my roster. I guess the best way to deal with this now is just take relief from the very long time it takes to grow a solid 5* team, and just hope I pull a good green one along the way. :slight_smile:

Purple is thankfully steady as Ive pulled mostly decent 4*, and there is a clear path it seems for me after Rigard. I’m planning on taking Khiona to 60 and moving on to maybe Proteus or Ameonna, or maybe the duplicate Tibby, so I will have color stacking power in aw. :slight_smile: What do you think? :slight_smile:

Blue is also steady, but I was hoping for some affirmation on my plan to use the one compass I currently have on Sonya, because I really agree with your advice to keep a good list of snipers. :slightly_smiling_face: Caedmon has just been absolutely brilliant for me and it would be very nice to have a second sniper like him. I also feel like Grimm is sometimes a letdown with his very weak defense, so it would be nice to have someone to sub for him who can take a hit better. Once I take Sonya all the way (or stop her at 60, if you think it wiser), I’m planning on making my Boril stronger as he’s just been a very good X Factor during aw for me. Then maybe I will start working on my Magni, or maybe raising my Kiril to full when I get more compasses - what do you think is best here? :sweat_smile::slight_smile:

I’m also almost at SH20 so I will definitely have a fourth TC to help me run trainings faster, and this will mean that I have more 1-3* food for my roster. By then, I can grow even my priority 3* along with the 4* and 5* that I like. But still, I feel like my 3* list is getting out of hand and I’m planning on cutting the following: Jahangir, one or two Namahages, Gill-Ra, and Ulmer. Do you think this is okay? :thinking:

I’m so sorry again for the late reply, and now for the very long follow up :frowning: But I just want you to know that you’ve been the most helpful coach for me and you’re largely responsible for the success I’ve been having so far. :slight_smile: Thank you again so much for your help! :slight_smile:

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