Roster Guidance - two Evelyn?. A little help please?

So after I stacked all my gems for Atlantis, I’m done with spending money. I already gave too much, I think I’ll just chill now
Probably have enough of everything!
This is my full roster, give me guidance!

I thought that maybe I can use all my 5stars for defense team. Could 2 Evelyn work well?
Something like this?

Please help me figure

  • Best rainbow team
  • Best defense team


Hi @Toshey

I have tweaked the title of your thread so you might get some more assistance.

I hope that’s ok.

Thank you!
Hope it helps. I’m kinda lost and absolutely don’t want anymore heroes atm until I shape up what I have :slight_smile:

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Two Evelyn’s can indeed work. Double Panther is a configuration I’ve seen in top teams, and double Evelyn is at least as good, as Evelyn is tankier and has that nice 24% heal. I’d probably line up that team as Kiril / Evelyn / Ares / Evelyn / Inari to put Ares’s Attack and crit buffs on heroes that actually hit. That arrangement will also punish blue stacks, though encourage red ones.

Don’t ignore your Merlin and Proteus. Two excellent heroes that happen to be 4*.

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Agreed with Kerridoc, but I would transition first into Little John, Evelyn, Ares, Inari, Boldtusk. Later you level Merlin or another Evelyn depending on ascension materials.

Got just 1 more pair of fine gloves

Can ascend 1 dark or 1 holy hero with what I have.

I feel 4/70 Merlin will be better than 3/70 Inari or 4/70 Danzaburo, so he gets it most likely.

I have fully ascended Boldtusk, Boril, Sonya, Lil John and Wilbur. Definitely need another attack hero maxed, so yeah I’ll add Merlin to the mix, he is 3/50 so almost there.

To help efficently: Do you even have enough ascension material to level both Evelyn’s?

How about your 4* ascension mats? If you are near to 6 for yellow, green or red, then get those heroes to 3/70 asap, because one 4/80 helps a lot in events. Otherwise there is sufficient time to level Merlin as well.

Very bad. Only looking good on red - 5/6 rings.

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Then Ares is your prio. Ascend to 3/70 and in some weeks get that 6th ring from rare quest to ascend him to 4/80. In parallel I would go for a strong team for events first (to get all ascension items). LJ is strong and almost done, ascend to 4/70. Boldtusk is strong and heals, but it is important to decide if you can go without a second healer. Considering Wilbur is your only -def and you would have 3 red heroes in your team, you might have to decide between one of them. Plus attack and minus defense is important. They stack and impact on damage is even more than linear attack/defense. I am uncertain on this choice. Boril does not fit here. Sonja might be needed for debuff. And Merlin would fit into this team. Evelyn and Inari can be done later when you have 4 or 5 ascension mats.

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