[Hero] Poseidon.. flip or flop

Simply put, I thought Poseidon would be a pretty strong candidate for a 5* yellow hero.
Fast ability, seems like a sniper … But comparing to Lianna or Magni… who are season 1 heroes , you would think being one of the end of season 2 heroes that Poseidon would be pretty awesome - I find him just fair , because just like minion heroes , only then are gobbler and blue diamond captain USEFUL, same w Poseidon’s ability …only against Hel and Proteus ( who seem to be more versatile) .

So is Poseidon doing it for you ? or will he remain just another S2 hero… I see justice being more useful (minus his slow mana) … Just don’t see the big kahuna💪, matching up to his name… Especially for an end boss hero… but hey to each their own🙃

Ps…I still want Tarlak so RNG god’s be kind to me the next summons :hugs:


I don’t have him, but fight him regularly even with Hel and or Proteus. I think his power is overestimated as the duration is easy to wait out but also defeated with dispellers (in my case I bring panther or Zeline but other 4* easily do the same thing). I can usually kill him before he fires anyhow.


@Gustavo19 guess he’s a flop then?

Ps I forgot his ability is dispellable . So just a S2 sniper pretty much

… why Poseidon! I looked up to u… :dizzy_face:

His special is pretty solid against more than just hel and proteus

Guin and alasie and mitsuko are in that list as well

So basically i form my team like this:

If mana manipulator in opponents lineup then i use poseidon, if not then i use joon

Tryin to think of other mana manipulators that are somewhat common in defense but comin up blank

All in all he’s a solid hero tho

Hits like joon but not as squishy

Poseidon paired with drake is a great duo

Viv + drake + poseidon is a team i use at least few raids a day and a solid war team at that for a yellow team.


I have magni and justice… So am i lucky?.. should i take them to 4 tier?.. they both my best 5 star and 3 tier…

Posiedon i foght and it wasnt hard to beat. He was in the rear

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Probly shouldnt always judge a hero by defense… People do that constantly and skip over or even eat a lot of good heros just because the hero wasn’t good in defense

Defense is heavily reliant on boards and AI performance, so nowhere near a good guage of how viable a hero is in other areas of the game that are much more important

I have justice, she’ll never see darts. Attack is super low for a yellow so meh for titans, slow mana not great for wars, she’s all around a below average hero really.

Magni on the other hand is awesome and anyone that wouldn’t max him is nuts…dont trust those people lol


OK, the mere existence of this thread is making me nervous. I’ve almost got the darts to ascend a 5-star yellow hero - which would be my first ever fully ascended 5-star of any color. After spending most of the last couple of months sure that I would ascend Onatel, I had lately convinced myself that I would do Poseidon (my only two options, btw) because, as a sniper, his stats need to be maxed to do what he does, vs. Onatel’s special (primarily mana control with some damage mixed in) which still works pretty well with her at 3^70. But now y’all are talking about how Poseidon is just OK? At least I know from other threads around here that Onatel can be a very solid tank if I choose to max her.

@Justab0x, is your feeling that you expected Poseidon to be Superman, and he fell short of that, or is it more that he’s just an OK hero compared to other 5-stars (like Domitia is kinda considered “just OK” compared to Sartana)? In other threads, I’ve seen him compared favorably to Joon, who seems to me to be a very well-regarded hero. Maybe I’m just worrying too much, but I’ve got what I think are two very good heroes as options to be my first ascended 5-star, and it’ll be months of regret for me if I make the wrong choice (since that’s how long it will take to collect the darts again).

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What about if used with Ariel. Does the def boost make a big difference? Which duo would work best together Ariel and Poseidon or Vivica and Magni??

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Why is there so much doubt around Poseidon?

Even if his mana shield is dispellable, at worst that still means he’s a bulky fast sniper… what’s so bad about that?

Great attack stat, decent durability, gets fighter class for the revive chance, I mean really… Poseidon is pretty good.

I like Justice too FTR – an unpopular opinion, but I myself don’t mind that she’s slow, I can work with it anyways – but she’s nowhere near as good as Poseidon is. IMO the best use for Justice is on defense teams, particularly on alliance wars where her blindness can cost opposing team flags. Poseidon… he is good at more than just those, just by virtue of being fast and hitting a single target hard.

tl;dr I agree with the stuff Rigs said, and I’m just adding my thoughts here


I read orher people problems and my only 5 star hero is justice and even you that loves her so much think she is no match for posiedon which is a not so good hero…


I’ve been using Ariel and Poseidon. The 5% def boost is quiet good. Adds 38 - 40 def I think. So if you have def troops and maxed Ariel, you’ll get about 870+ def. Which is amazing. When the new purple atlantis 5-star release, the 10% boost will be even more powerful.

Since Ariel cast is very good, any extra def will increase the likelihood of her casting. Which often turn the tide of the raid.

Without Ariel, I’d use Joon but if you already lvled Poseidon (like me), I’d rather lvl another yellow 5-star. My Joon is still lvl 1.

That’s not what I said:

Never said “not so good,” I don’t know who is saying that but that is really not true.

I did say I like Justice and I still stand by that. I don’t have her myself but I do have Hu Tao with a similar special, and I happen to like said special because blindness is a good effect. Blindness to all is great.

However, I can’t argue with 450% fast damage either… Which is Poseidon’s skill. He is better than her… Not that “she doesn’t stand a chance” matchups in this game aren’t that simple.

Don’t be disheartened just because she isn’t the best yellow hero though. It’s not really productive to worry about that if she’s your only one. Like I said before she’s a good tank and I think she’s a good choice to ascend. If you’re really that unsure then wait to get 12 darts before you choose to ascend her


If you think that Justice is even remotely as good as Poseidon… you are playing another game.

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@Justab0x Poseidon IS a strong 5* and worthy of leveling. Top notch sniper with durability comparable to Sartana but with a much higher attack stat (she is seen as an elite sniper). Much harder to kill than Lianna who is also seen as one of the best snipers in the game, and clearly harder to kill than Joon (and that IS an apples to apples comparison) with almost identical damage.

@Noble_Weasel Poseidon vs Onatel is a head to head comparison that depends entirely upon the needs of you team and playing preferences.

Both are “worthy” of being raised to 4-80 but fill completely different roles.

If you need a tank, Onatel is probably the better bet, sniper Poseidon.

Yes, it would have made sense for Poseidon’s special mana protection to be undispellable considering he is supposed to be the crowning hero of Atlantis, the ruler.

Joon’s blind is nice for those comparing him to Poseidon and it is great on titans (yes, worth much more than the mana protection).
In raids Poseidon’s extra durability is worth a lot. The hit is similar so is the blind worth so much more than mana protection that you are willing to take a significantly less durable sniper to battle? For me the answer was “no” and Poseidon has just begun his feeding binge.

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Add the fact that usually when you’re going in with your sniper, you already have your target debuffed or definitely going in for the kill. So Joon’s blind is kinda useless on dead target.
Poseidon is bulky, definitely prefer his stats more than Joon’s, the extra defense is a lot more especially in raids/war. But i do agree that for him being Poseidon he could have had some greater secondary special abilities, or at least that mana protection undispellable.


Honestly for an end game hero of season 2, I probably expected better ( not a superman ) but more versatile hero.

This is my thoughts exactly, just another sniper ,

I agree to this , and was gonna say almost the same thing , but Joon is a fine alternative.

So it’s agreed he’s a sniper at best. Just a bulkier one . :yum:
But his mana shield which is dispellable isn’t that great


…And this actually is my problem with Posei. I think he’s a really good hero, but I’m hesitant to gives darts to him because of the amount of resources I’ve already dedicated to Magni.

If you already have Joon (who fills a similar function) and Magni (who fills a similar function and owns those fighter emblems) I’d be hard pressed not to see a 4-80 Poseidon as a luxury and a low priority.

Without those guys though… I don’t know what anyone would be waiting for? He looks really useful but not ground breaking.


Yeah, but Onatel is almost unusable at 3-70. Her special will barely deal any damage and it won’t matter how many times you charge it. Admittedly the mana control is nice, but you’ll basically be fighting with four heroes.

I wasn’t super-impressed with Onatel immediately after taking her up to max, but she’s really grown on me. FWIW, I also own Poseidon and she was the higher priority for me.


I had that written and then deleted it.
The sniper’s role is to kill and in raids the sniper should be eliminating the target. In reality many heroes now survive the sniper’s hit due to emblems. Worth more than an extra hundred points of durability? My answer in raids is “no”, for titans clearly the answer is “yes” because it is protection for the entire team.

Veering off topic:
In my team Poseidon is competing with Delilah (4-80+4) for emblems which is a shame but she may be relieved of defensive duties when Kunchen reaches 4-80 and replaces Boril (+10) as tank meaning Poseidon takes the emblems and Delilah’s flanking spot (Maybe, I start grinning and get the giggles when I think of a full on holy/dark defense team: Hel-Poseidon-Kunchen-Delilah-Sartana).

Now this is talking in terms I can appreciate. I’m well aware of Lianna and Sartana’s well-earned reputations as snipers. If Poseidon is in that tier as a sniper, I feel better. I may never have either Lianna or Sartana. (Or, they could pop out of my TC20 tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:) Gotta plan for what I have today.

Honestly, I need both. Right now, my tank is a Danza+6. My options are to level Onatel as my new tank or level and emblem Boril, who is my best cleric and has no competition for the emblems, and try him at tank. I’ve heard that, with enough emblems, he can still hang in low diamond, which is where I’d like to get to at some point. I guess I could also try Sonya+6 as a tank, but that’s about it as far as my tank options.

Sniper options are even worse. Kelile (on the way to 4^70), Sonya+6, and Caedmon 2^12 and rising. I’m starting Domitia today, and I also have Thorne for when I finish Boril. Both are kinda sniper-y, but not really either. So I have a couple of maybe passable tank options and no true sniper. Advantage Poseidon, I think.

From your lips to SGG’s ears, my friend! :slight_smile:

I anticipate him being a fixture on my raid team, hopefully landing the trident right after a Gormek Ramming Pulverizer. His durability is a factor for me, as I usually like to bring two healers and slug it out in raids. If he stays alive, I can heal him. If not, check his pockets and look for change. No MN or Alby here.

For me, she’s quite usable at her current 3^70 to finish all stages of rare quests, Legendary tier events, and seasonal events, all of which help me claim those all-important rare materials, and none of which (eh, maybe rare quests) I would be able to do otherwise. (No Proteus here… yet.) Yeah, her damage is terrible, but I get by with some combination of the RP trio mostly for that.

Not usable on defense at 3^70? Probably not. I’m still using an emblemed Danza for my defense team yellow, but the stats are comparable. As I said above, I need both a tank and a sniper. Believe me, if I had the darts, I’d max them both in a heartbeat.

I mused about something similar here, albeit with the less powerful heroes I have available. It wasn’t thought too highly of.

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