[Hero] Poseidon.. flip or flop


When I have a max Paladin Justice +20 tanking for me, y’all are gonna change your mind about her…


FYI - Boril can tank with dignity well into Diamond. My Boril is +10 and I have not fallen below 2,400 cups in ages. He is underestimated judging by posts on the forum. People see a 4* and think it is easy (AirHawk tanks with Car-wreck (Kashhrek) and raids higher than I do).

I accidentally get into the top 100 from time to time and am immediately hit 15-20 times for a few hundred cups but that goes to show it is about the attacking raids.

Boril gets the job done. The past few days I’ve been gaining cups on defense…

My checkerboard team will get eaten but I grin when I think about it. I will run it for a few days once I am able (long time, Kunch is in final but Hel is only 3-1 and I am not a power leveller). If it doesn’t drop me out of Diamond it is good enough for me.


Totally makes sense then!

If I didn’t have Proteus, I’d be using a lot more Onatel. She has some slight advantages in specific situations even at 3-70 over him (although if I could only pick one, I’d take Proteus all day).


I actually chipped in with a few comments about your options…and had even posted my “fantasy” team there too.


I’ll be too far down to ever see you…just on the “Fighting Familiar Names” posts when someone tough hits you.



This is what I want to hear. I’m hanging out around 1900-2100 cups right now, and I’m hoping by leveling Boril, Poseidon, and Domitia, I can sneak into the low levels of diamond. I only care about the better raid chests; I’m never going to be pushing into the top 100, I’m sure. Once I pull the cleric emblems from my Hawkmoon+20 (yes, I’m serious; my clerics are awful) I should be able to get Boril to something like +6.

I suspect I’d agree, if I had him. Hoping to be able to finish Atlantis hard before the portal opens (7 more levels, including the notoriously pesky 27-9), and if I do, I should get 10-11 summons this month (plus the sweet Poseidon avatar!) Would love to get more of the Atlantis family (especially Proteus) if Poseidon is going to be my new superstar. Will always have a soft spot for Onatel, though. My first-ever 5-star, and a real game changer for me. Drawing Proteus would push Domitia back down the queue again, but that’s a good problem to have, I guess.

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Oh, I see that now. I’m bad about not paying attention to user names sometimes. Oops. :blush:

Actually, I think yours was one of the comments that got me thinking about a Boril tank, since I had just drawn him. So thanks for that (although Thorne is mad that you bumped him from my “Next to Level” team! hehe)

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I have poseidon, magni, and joon

Joon and magni dont have emblems

Drake and poseidon do

I have no regrets on that. While my emblems may go to magni one day, who knows. But poseidon, joon, magni are 3 heros that don’t necessarily “need” the emblems.

Poseidon has become my most used yellow offensive hero. Mainly because i run 3-2, and he fits into my dark/yellow team nicely which us by far my most used offensive team

Viv kage hel aeron poseidon is the full lineup, kage+poseidon knock out a guin tank pretty easily, and even if you dont get poseidon fully charged before she goes off 1 once, i typically get him charged before she goes off twice and then with his buff she can go off again for all i care, that’s tile loading time to fill up the rest of my heros(mainly kage if it hasnt happened already)

Anyways i know i have an uncommon lineup and probably an uncommon strategy

But i like poseidon even without emblems and without kage

Just that sigh of relief when he fires before guin is well worth the darts

I will say he’s pretty bad ■■■ with emblems tho for a yellow


I think the buff to his riposte counter-attack was a good one, however small it was it made a big difference in my experience. He got benched for me pretty quickly from my D team until the buff came, after the buff though he became my tank again quickly. I even pulled out emblems from Rigard and I don’t regret it one bit.

Tanky with great damage output against direct attackers (which is a sizeable list). Nothing I see here that I don’t like.


Good info.

Honestly, staring at his card and comparing it to a bunch of other heroes today, I can’t see how he isn’t one of the best snipers in the game. Doing the math on his starting damage (correct me if I’m wrong) but a 4-80 Poseidon would deal more damage than a 4-80 Magni without troop bonuses applied. He’d eventually lose out to a 4-80 Magni once troop bonuses are applied I’d imagine (due to Magni’s higher starting attack), but that extra 100 points of defense is nothing to sneeze at.

I do think Joon’s blind is more useful, because despite what OP said, snipers–aside from Kage on defense–don’t really one shot that often. Again, you’re giving up a lot of durability there.

This is all making me feel much more comfy with taking Poseidon up 80, despite the fact he fills a similar role to cards I’ve already maxed. How often do you actually use him against Guin though? Taking two yellows in a 3-2 dark/yellow stack against a Guin tank would make me nervous even if they have two purple flanks. I’ll have to try this once I have him done.



If you have line i can send vids if you want. Both wins and losses, the wins are more common than the losses.

I went on a 11/12 win streak yesterday morning
using just that team

After that i started changing things up to test war teams. 11/12 was just to fill a chest and jump start the next

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No worries, I was surprised to see my comments there when I followed your link. That is when the penny dropped and I realized it was you with whom I had interacted.

@Rigs your Poseidon looks like a beast…looking forward to having one too. Yellow (Holy) has some tile damage monsters, when stacking he’ll be partnered with Inari and Delilah, both already at 4-80, throw Wu and Jackal in the mix…mmmmmm.

Poseidon viable option for tank?

Vs titans i go:

Drake jackal joon poseidon wu

And yea it’s pretty beastly

Have considered tossin wilbur in the mix but have seen more upside with the 5 yellows, not much downside unless I’m trying to be super conservative with items

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Vs Dark Titans I’ve also seen better results doing a full Holy stack than with Wilbur or Athena even through the fifth is Danzaburo at the moment.

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No rush, but if you get a minute I would like to.

I’m just Gallowspider on line, too.

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Hmm couldn’t find your line id

Mine is jrigs