Monthly Exclusive heroes

Im new to the game. Only being playing for one month.

I have noticed that “Athena” was the exclusive in July and “Ares” in August.

Does anyone knows which heroes av the monthly exclusive the other months?

I really would like to get “Hel”…

June: Hel (updated)
July: Athena
August: Ares

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Hel was June. This was the first month the hero of the month feature started, so no other heroes yet. I am not even sure next year will be the same heroes?

So Hel is not possible to get unless to had the game in june :frowning:

I don’t know. Maybe Hel will be available next year in June? I hope so, I would like to have her too :star_struck:

The future monthly heroes have not been announced, so only devs know what comes in the future. There is no way to get Hel or Athena at this time, anymore. The chance is gone. But my guess is that there will be a way to acquire them later, but I haven’t heard of any such plans from the devs.

Maybe they will be made normal heroes later, available as normal summon and training possibilities? Who knows… You could always ask their support or make a suggestion.

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I tried to find the post where the Devs answered this question, but I failed. However, if I remember correctly it was that the heroes would be exclusives and once gone were gone. Does anyone else remember was that answered here in the forum or on their facebook page?

I don’t recall. But I’d support some way of obtaining them since I never got any. :wink:

(Naturally, if they are EXCLUSIVE monthly heroes, then they shouldn’t be available after each month runs out, no matter how badly I wish it.)

I did obtain hel on a 10x draw, but haven’t been abel to ascend her past teir 2, as they make it almost impossible to obtain ascension items for her, namely trap tools. A friend in our legion got athena leveled to teir 3 but said she has already been nerfed back, not sure if hel has been nerfed, thoughts on this?

I would imagine montgly heroes wpuld come back in future months at some point. Makes the developers job that much easier, especially if the game continues for a while

I think it’s unfair for unique heroes unavailability. It’s like offering players that began playing in the 1st 6 months $50 p/hr but if you come after the first 6 months you must start at $22 p/hr with $2 p/hr raise per hr capped at $35 per hr

Sooo, you want HotM to cycle and be available again in the future? Or not?

I think there are three possibilities here:

  1. HotMs are RIP and they will never appear again and will slowly die out along with players quitting the game.

  2. HotMs will return in their respective months and when Hel returns we will not see new HotMs and the novelty will have to come from other places - which is fine.

  3. Next year each month will have it’s old HotM and a new HotM available together. So say in August we’ll get Ares and Aphrodite as possible rolls.

Personally I like #3 the best. The availability is still limited, doesn’t ■■■■ newer players by never giving them a chance to acquire their dream hero, prevents cool heroes from going extinct, and keeps the fun mystery of “WHO WILL COME NEXT MONTH OOOO?!”


Juni: Hel
Juli: Athena
August: Ares
September: Musashi
Oktober: Alberich
November: Toth-Amun
Dezember: Perseus

just to complete your list :wink:


I agree. I like #3 as an option too. As a player that missed Ares, Hel and Alberich I find it extremely discouraging to think that they will never be available again. It makes me think of what’s the point of playing and especially spending money on more gems if I’m constantly reminded of what I can never have. Each time I see those heroes and I think of how they won’t be available to me it is like a dagger in my stomach.

I actually kind of like option #2 also.

I think it would be good tp see tjem in the summons after a year its not like i would pay to try and get them from there lol

Well, I am just guessing here, but I think that in time there will be a special summoning (like the events summoning) that will allow you a chance for older HotM. Of course, with a very low chance of getting any and a high chance of getting a 3* hero, and no posibility to select the 5* you aim for (as it currently is during events). And even then… I think I will take my chances and go for it. Some HotM are just too good (or perhaps I just like them too much)

Yes we want! Is there any possibility to have them?

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Yeah that’s an awesome idea. It gives more than enough motivation to try to get them the month they are available and then increased motivation a year later to spend money for summonses to get a second chance.

I bet this would HUGELY increase the company’s revenue. Imagine all of the people that would be rolling now to get Hel, Ares and eventually Alberich once the year has passed!

I agree. I really liked this game. I would love to have the previous heroes of the month. I just joined last April soI did not even had the chance. This is the first game ever that I spent so much money but did not feel guilty. Also, another suggestion to the devs. At least one in a while, let your players, especially those who spend money in buying gems get 5* heroes. I enjoyed pulling one once in a while. But the last few summons, I only got 3*. A little disappointing and discouraging. Need balance. Honestly, if the next summons will just be 3*, I felt like it’s not worth buying gems anymore and just be contented with I have.

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