Hero Level Advice - @clymax66

Can anyone give me suggestion on which heroes should I level up and how to setup defense/ofense team from left to right?

maybe i can help a little.

  1. focus on 3* and 4* hero as a backbone
  2. you need 3x rainbow team of 3* and 4*. then you can go for 5*
  3. from your roster, maybe i’ll choose to upgrade : Rigard, mist, grimm, caedmon, kelile/scarlett
  4. For defence : caedmon - wukong - Kiril - Proteus - kelile.

Welcome to the forum, Also stick to levelling one hero at a time of each colour. As pointed above have at least 3- 3* maxed of each colour.
3* make 4 * and 4 * make 5 *

Can you please explain it? I dont understand what do yoz mean 3* make 4* etc. Thanks

I think what @Dudeious.Maximus meant is:
3 star heroes go very fast in leveling
So make three good 3 star heroes in each color.

After that go up on 4 Stars. The still are quite okay to level up, but its remarkably slower than the 3 stars.

The 5 star heroes may be great but i think it takes at least double the time and stuff to level them.

With a baseline of 3 stars you will be able to compete in 3star tournaments and events.
And you can mix your 3stars with 4stars later, and have a wide team to combine hero abilities.

I like what @BonlanBonlih said:

Pretty much also my recommendation.
Baseline for good heroes, look especially for:

  • mana speed
  • defense downer
  • healer
  • cleanser / dispeller

With defense downing and healing heroes, all normal monster content will be very playable.


What @Enni said :+1: happy gaming

If you saw my rooster I have already many 4* at level 3 60 so max them wouldnt be so costly except ascession material. Therefor I prefer to work on 4*.Also when you make a 4* team for war its more powerful than 3*

@Clymax66, the point is 3* heroes leveling is faster and cheaper, while your Building is growing, Farms, Training camps etc… you can mix it with best 4* and some of best 3* leveling project, but I prefer 3* heroes 1st, and maybe 4* healers/cleanser/dispeller. We need also use 3* for event challange, the completation reward worth AM. And also can partipate in tournament as a bonus for filling raid chest and also chance of AM. 3* heroes can use in any of event challange/tournament limit.

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