Which heroes to max out

Hello players, I just received some more heroes through the sumon and would like to ask which one would you advice to max out? What would be the best defense/ofense team from left to right?

I would let the 5* aside and work a little with your 3* and 4* first . They are cheaper to max and more serviciable until you growth your roster . Though you will still use some heroes in the late game too.


I see a Hawkmoon hiding there. If not maxed max her.
Then Gormek , Scarlet . Kelile is decent and colen is useful for quest , events and good synergy with gormek.


Velen , Gato if not maxed.

Then finish Kiril , do sonya (useful and handy to have a dispeller) and do Grimm


Berden , mneseo, belith.
Melendor , brynhild and caedmon


proteus, rigard , finish your Sabina

dont forget your tyrum and your baltazhar.


Wu kong for boosting damage (titan tool/pve tool)
do Mist which is very good and finish li xiu.

for 3* do Melia.

I dont know if you have already others heroes maxed because i can only judge for what you show us.
If its all of you have my avise is to not spread too much your feeding among lot of heroes.
You need to focus on what you need to finish it.


My base team is Proteus and CRigard. Then, depending on what tank I’m facing, I decide what other heroes to use. I have 3 maxed pairs of this base team, and another 3 on my todo list (for every fight in war).
So my vote is for Proteus first, then, Rigard to 4-1 so you could max CRigard to 4-70.
Other very useful 4*: Brynhild (fast healer + def&manaGen :arrow_up: ), Mist (fast, def&manaGen :arrow_down: ), CMelendor (dispeller + def :arrow_up:), Grimm.
It’s easier to make a list of heroes I would not to max: WuKong (before Proteus he was my base team, but now I don’t like to hit&miss), Sumle&Ranvir (same as WuKong), Skittleskull, Stonecleave, Agwe.
Best defense: CMelendor, Leonidas, CRigard, Vela, Jean Francois
Offense 3-2: CRigard, Grimm, Vela, Magni, Proteus
Fast auto-farming: Mist, Scarlett, Mireweave, Caedmon, Balthazar

In my honest opinion, first of all, I would make sure that you have 3 rainbow teams of maxed 3 star heroes.
For your 4* I would focus on:
Red - Finish Scarlett, Kelile and Colen then Gormek next
Blue - Finish Sonya and then do Grimm and Boril
Green - Finish Caedmon, Brynhild and Kashhrek then do Melendor
Yellow - Finish Wu Kong then do Mist and Li Xiu
Purple - Finish Rigard (costume) proteus and Cyprian
Good luck

Thanks for tips but what would be the best defense/ofense team?

BTW I dont understand why should I fully max out 3* when I have plenty of 4* which on level 3 70 have more power? Is there any purpose for this?

I have only limited ascession material for 4* or 5* heroes so can max out only four of them except kiril which is already at level 4 70.

The game is about patience - rather marathon type. You’ll need your 3* for color stacking in harder quest / tournaments and tavern. Right after 3* you jump to 4* as they will allow you to grow - quests, titan, tournaments - name it. Not to mention that certain heroes who are 4* will be used even in the later stage of the game when your 5* will dominate your rooster. And last but not least - 4* teams allow you to get better scores on titans and this is the good place to get the rare mats (certain place is the rotating quest where you get a 4* mats). Plus maxxed 4* with emblems is much better than most 5*.
5* shall be kept on 1/1 unless you have ascention mats collected and ready…and you have the patience and ham cause levelling 5* is an expensive drudgery :wink:

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There are events and tourneys where you can only use 3 star heroes. You will miss out on ascension materials and other good items if you can’t complete them. Same for 4 star.

If you have a big roster of 3’s and 4’s, it’s much easier to get the materials you need to ascend 5’s to 80.

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You need maxed 3star heroes for the events, tournaments and quests etc. They will help get you the mats for your 4 star and 5 star ascension

So what would you suggest as the best defense team from my rooster?

Nice advice, but I have a difficulties using costume rigard. Before his special is used he is very often killed.I have also git some new heroes will definatelly go with Rigard than Grim and Melendor

Nice advice, but I have a difficulties using costume rigard. Before his special is used he is very often killed

Once you finish maxing Rigard, that won’t be a problem any more. Use some of your duplicates to level him up to max; but do keep a second one. I would do the same with Wu Kong, you don’t need more than 1 of him.

Pick one hero of each color, and work on that hero with those color feeders. I’d recommend you use one team solely for the heroes you are working on leveling, it helps keep things focused.