It's been awhile. Need help again

Hi everyone it’s been awhile since I asked for help. I truly appreciate it and a happy, successful New Year to everyone. Most of all health!

I really would like to sort out all the 3* and 4* heroes. So who can really go and who is a must to level. Please be honest and why is it who hast to go. I start with the 3*

Here’s who I think should go:

  • Kornel - you have Phoenicus for attack boost and Boots for defense down;
  • Vodnik - you have Planchet and now there’s toon Valen that is a lot better than him;
    -Soroca - same reason as Vodnik.
  • Jarif - same reason as Vodnik.
  • Li - you have Waqas and Rufus who are way better;
  • Gnomer - even if he’s very fast, you can’t get him to 6 tiles no matter what you do and you have Whacker and Jin as primary snipers
  • Candy - you have Edelaide and Rekhetre as healers, you don’t need anymore 3* yellow healers
    The other 3* heroes are pretty useful in tournaments or events so they’re keepers. If any of the 3* heroes in the provided images are duplicates, that hero should be fed too. One of each is enough.

I agree with the above. Here’s who I would prioritise:

Dawn - Minions are mana controllers
Buster - Great against titans if you don’t have Franz
Joukahainen - Dispeller and buff blocker
Faiez - In my opinion, best 3* healer
Shrubbear - You’ll understand why when he’s done

Colen & Costumes - 2nd costume gives red EDD. Useful in a red stack and against green titans
Li Xiu & Costumes - Mana control & Silence is golden

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:


Must to level 3*
My priority:
Dawn - mana control wins battles many time
Swan Maiden - high stats, seems to be powerful (mini Odette)
Faiez - best best best healer - versatile
Felton - that reflect is a treasure sometimes
Shrubbear - absolutely useful hero
Rufus - Gnomer - Bagreg in a mono red team can be devastating together
Waqas - max health reduction is great
Now i am testing Jaco - have a great dmg potential 671 ATK at LB1
General Yin - dispel first - must have


?? Gnomer is green. Not sure who you meant.


In my opinion Soroca can go. Only hits one and not very hard. His only good point is the stoneskin — not worth it considering everyone else you have.

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Sorry, Buster - :slight_smile: thank your for correction