Hero Ascension help

Have the following 5s at 80, wondering who should be next with the fancy blade we just got from Farholme.

Purple - Thoth, Khiona, and Kageburado
Yellow - Joon, Delilah, vivica and Drake
Blue - Ariel, magni and Aegir
Green - horg, Le Fay, lianna and Zeline
Red - Gravemaker, Gravemaker :wink:, Marjana and Zimkitha

Next hero I’m thinking about are Arthur or Onatel, both at 3.70, but I have Hel sitting unleveled. Also have Elena, Domitia, Thorne, Perseus, Inari, Evelyn and Kadilen at 3.70 but don’t consider any of them contenders.

Defense is Kage, GM, Ariel, GM and Drake. Neither Arthur nor Onatel would get to def team, and I really like Kage on defense.

So Arthur for war and Titans, Onatel for war and raids, or Hel for all of it…

I know, first world problems, but looking for thoughts.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I would do Arthur or Hel. Mainly because you have 4 maxed of the other colors, except blue and purple with 3 only. Just to round out your 5 stars more.

Tough choice though. I would go Arthur just cuz he’s at 3/70 mysel and Hel is far from there.

That’s where my head is at but I keep looking at Anchors hero grades and hel is there at A+ while Arthur is a B…

I could have her up to 3.70 in a few weeks if I rush it,so I’m a bit on the fence still.

That’s for defense. Is that why you would be looking at Hel? Arthur is A on titans and offense, B on defense (A overall for Arthur, compared to A+ overall for Hel).

If you want a different hero for your defense team or war defense, then yeah, do Hel. She can work the tank spot or the flank much better than Arthur can since her special is more useful against raiding teams. But who would you replace in your team though?

That’s part of the problem, I don’t want to ditch the double gravemakers and need blue in the middle so Ariel is perfect, which leaves swapping out Kage, but I like very fast potentially big sniper.

I may say screw both of them and go Onatel lol, gonna play with her on offense a bit and see, maybe first 5* basketball team will be yellow :slight_smile:

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Lol yeah that’s fair, you’d have to either ditch Kage or one of your Gravemakers for Hel. No easy answer there. Although if it helps, I don’t think your defense team would suffer either.

All three are good choices in the end. Good luck!