Arthur and Hel talent grid

I am about to level to max these two heros, Arthur and Hel, the thing is they are kind of attacking heros but with very important secondary effect (elemental debuff from Arthur and mana stop from Hel) so I dont know if I should strenghten their attack or go purely for survability to get max from their secondary effects. Any ideas?

These are heroes (Hel especially), whos secodary effects are more important than damage, so it is important to keep them alive. For Hel I am using ballanced approach where Def/Attack>Health.

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But on 5th talent you went for attack+health rather than health+defense, would you change that if you could without reseting?

I think, I might. Ages ago I started embleming all attack heroes Attack>Defence>Health and only later along the road switched to giving slightly more weight to defence than attack for some heroes like Hel and Athena.

For Hel go defense/health as her mana block is why she’s so good. For Arthur, probably the same but I could see the argument for going attack/defense for him too as he’s a hard hitter.

Second question, do you consider Hel as decent tank? I have a great lack of heros for that position and I wonder if she will be good as defence team’s tank

Yes, I would say she will do fine in that role. I have not used her in defence for some while but I remember that Hel tank team kept me comfortably around 2600 cups and occasionally even went into top100 on its own. I have also used an unconventional team with Hel tank and Ursena flank to denay yellows and it once went up to top8 also just on its own but the overall performance was more variable, frequently dropping below 2500cups.

I happen to have both Hel and Ursena, but I picked Hel to ascend and I think it was good decision, now Ursena is waiting for more tabards, In future I will probably try both of them in def team, but I would really need some yellow 5* as I have none right now. November’s hotm looks promising

Snipers aka hard hitters need max attack path for better hits while heroes with average mana aka secondary effects hitters needs more d/h path.
Just my 2c…

No doubts about that. As far as I am concerned, all in all Hel is still the best dark hero in the game. I find Ursena far less versatile, she is only somewhere around 6th on my dark hero top, after Hel, Panther, Seshat, Kage and Kunchen. Ursena is no doubt a good tank but I atribute her huge popularity partly due to her sorcerer class, while Hel, being a mage, has to compete for emblems with Guin and Zeline.

I raided a 19 Guin last night with a mono purple. Still only took three tiles.

Moral of the story don’t emblem Guin if you have other wizard heroes. Anzogh is surprisingly sturdy emblemed, and fits perfectly into a defense down pairing like Athena.

As for Hel, I’ve never emblemed her, but I’m starting to think I might, and if I did, I’d probably lean full attack. Nowadays, if they’re squishy the defense won’t do much difference, especially against mono teams, so might as well hope you get that attack in and down them.

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