Ariel and Hel or Kunchen and Magni or Aegir

Def right now is Alby, Drake, Ariel, hel and GM all with 7-8 emblems.

Have Kunchen at 80 and see him as tank more but don’t know if that’s because he is better or more common.

Magni and Aegir also have emblems so wouldn’t lose there.

Is Kunchen better than Ariel for def team even with losing Hel but gaining fast hit+ def or dmg share and health steal?

Well with the heros presented, you have 4 viable tanks:

Kunchen, Drake, GM, and Aegir

Kunchen>Ariel as tank because of his stats and his elemental link to resist holy in addition to his heal and cleanse. Since you seem hesitant to remove Hel (for good reasons) I would run:


Opposing element flanks protect you from dark stack, Kunchen protects Alby and links Hel to also protect her, and dmg output comes from Drake, Hel, and GM.

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Kunchen and Aegir are a pretty solid wall.

Thanks for the thoughts. I pulled the trigger and I’m putting Kunchen and Aegir in there and now I’m contemplating swapping out Drake for Onatel because I can take emblems from Hel if she’s not on def.

Love to get people’s thoughts on that additional tweak…

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