Hero advice


So I’ve finally, thanks to the rare quest got 4 sturdy shields, and I’m trying to think ahead on which hero to upgrade. I have Kadilen and Alberich, 5* green heros and I’m looking to further my teams. What do you guys think? To very different heros, one attack and the other healing, one thought I have is replaceing Rigard with Alberich and subbing in Quintus at the dark hero spot. So I don’t know I like Kadilen she is very strong attack hero and provides some defense. So I would love to what the group thinks. Let me add some pics of the teams I use

Defense team

Team I like to use for titans


I don’t have either of those heroes, but I’m actively trying to get Alberich, and not at all interested in Kadilen.

Anyone else want to give more info than mere opinion? :grin:


I would be looking at getting alberich up to a reasonable level, paired with troops that boost mana he can be very handy. I have him in standard form at the moment and ive been testing him in maps.


I am pretty sure the response will be Alberich. I don’t even recall raiding someone who has Kadilen.


I would keep both but level Alberich first. I have him at level 70 and he is very useful for raids both attack and defense and the tough bosses. I think he is to slow for titans if not boosting his mana and along with single hitters. But you have Caed maxed for titan battles.


Thanks for the advice everyone!! A lot of things to consider.