Seeking for advices on Team Compositions for my Heroes!

Hi there,

I already collected and trained some Heroes. I am still in a beginners stage of the game although not at 0. Please take a look on my hero collection:

My Target is to have 1 good general Raid Team, 1 good Defense Team (both of course not high end) and 2 rainbow 3-star-teams for certain events.

My questions are:

  1. Can you give my your favourite Raid Team constellation based on these heroes?
  2. What would be your Defense Team if you had my heroes?
  3. Which Heroes are cannonfodder and can be feed according to my strategy?
  4. Anything you suggest beside that?

Thanks in advance for helpful comments, really appreciate it!


That’s a pretty good goal imo. I can help you with filling out the rest of your 3* roster.

Congrats on getting Bauchan! He will be a nice hero to give levels for those 3* raid tournaments. Run him as tank in your defense team for those, specially when blue isn’t allowed. Great defensive stats for his rarity, and his special attack gives his team an awesome advantage.

I would finish leveling Ulmer since he has one of the highest attack stats in his rarity. Hang on to your Gunnar; you don’t have a huge need for him right now since you have Bauchan, but still keep him around as eventually he’s a great defensive/support hero to level, when you have fleshed out your blue bench more.

Melia is one of my favorite yellow 3*s, arguably the best one tied with Bane (if not, she’s 2nd best). Her critical chance makes tile damage hit fairly hard, and thanks to her fast speed that means she’ll be ready early on through the match while you still have tiles of the strong color left.

Balthazar is great but Renfeld is meh. I’d suggest hanging on to one Gill-Ra and level her once the rest of your stronger purple bench is satisfactory for you. Gill-Ra is slow, but she is also the only cleanser in the 3* tier. She drops defense and attack for the enemies too, which makes her very valuable for raid tournaments and challenge events despite her speed. One of her is enough imo. I use her for challenge events too, mainly for the Teltoc one where yellow is a heavy enemy color.

I’d say for fodder: Ulmer 2 isn’t needed. Gill-Ra 2 isn’t needed either. Azar I’m not fond of really. Karil is okay but there’s much better blue 3*s.


In my honest opinion for your two rainbow 3 star teams I would keep:
(a) Gato, Melia, Gill-Ra, Belith and Bauchan
(b) Gunnar, Bane, Balthazar, Berden and Hawkmoon
And Muggy

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Thank you so far, your tips are really helpful for me. I made some more pulls just now, maybe that will change the constallations you advice for me.

Updated the pictures.

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Keep Muggy (highest attack stat out of all 3*s, only 3* that revives)

Proteus should be the next purple you level up. His special attack shuts down special skills from titans and bosses. An absolute must level hero if you have him, arguably the best 4* in the game.

Triton will be a nice hero to level up next for your blue 4* bench. He should get priority over Boril imo.


That is 6 Heroes? You added Muggy to your suggestion but what to leave out for him?

Keep Muggy in any event. You can use him when you colour stack. Or swap out Berden

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For your 4* finish off Rigard and then get Caedmon to 3/60. While you are waiting for mats to advance your 4*, I would work up Guardian Falcon, Triton, Proteus, Boril, Colen and Li Xiu


Great Feedback guys! I will do it exactly as suggested. If you don`t mind post your favourite Raid and Defense Team composition among my Heroes.

Thanks already for a really helpful community.