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I have updated my guide to include all 5* that were added when v44 went live. EDIT: Also added EPIC and RARE heroes that were added as well to training levels 8 and 5, respectively.


Maybe you can add the possible event heroes for level 5 and 8.

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Right, as the 3/4* are available there. I will get an update on it tomorrow. Thanks @PlayForFun.


@PlayForFun I have update the graphic in my previous post. Thanks for the catch.


Be specific, can I conclude that a levelled 4/80 hero will become another 4/80 hero?

How about emblems? should we reset it before retrain?

Oh, I meant HA10 heroes retrain

You aren’t allowed to send in a hero with emblems

All received heros come as 1/1 fully unleveled even if you put in a 4/80 hero


20 quoted Stronghold 21+ buildings are sooo grindy

HA10 versus Soul Exchange

Unless you have 5x Classic 5* costumes, AND 5x HotM, I strongly recommend running HA10 5* retraining for 52x retrainings ( 365+ days )

On average, this will give you a combination of 5 new options ( Classic 5* costumes, Limited availability 5* heroes, Limited availability 5* costumes ) for roughly the same cost as trading 10x 5* heroes for 1x 5* hero ( 400+ days )


Click for notes

HA10 odds

52 x 0.975 = an average of 5.07 new options

Soul Exchange Total Costs

10x 5* = 400+ days

See also

([Suggestion, QoL] 6.5 day HA09 Epic Troop retraining & 6.5 day HA10 Legendary Hero retraining)


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Tried searching for the answer and failed.

Does retraining troops allow colour (element) change? I’ve done it a few times and always switches type but same colour.

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Yes, when retraining epic troops in HA 9 you will get back a different troop than the one you put in. It can be a different color or same color but different type.


SG can you please add another training option to the Hero Academy. Or you can add an extra HA building.

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can we get the new mage troops in ha lvl 9?

No, only the normal troops.
Ninja and Magic troops are not included there.

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Hello everybody,
Maybe i missed something but i did’nt find the list for heroes we can obtain on level 8. Could somebody give me a link to this list ?

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Level 8 can give you all S1 epic heroes + epic heroes from old challenges i.e.

Peters, Boomer
Guardian Jackal, Guardian Falcon
Sir Lancelot, Merlin
Gretel, Hensel
Cheshire Cat, Captain of Diamonds


Thanks for the link Sorvina

I’m missing some basic 4* session 1 costumes, like Melendor who is a most… With the new calendar schedule, we will have less oportunitis to get them. Every 2 months (!), right?

Please add 4 session 1 costumes into Hero Academy Level 8!*

and here

with example:

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I don’t have vodnik, but I’m ok with that.