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Hi all, one of my mates is stuck with HA8, if he clicks on the HA the level-up icon does not appear, do you have any clue/suggestion? Thank you!

Does your friend have any available builders?

Sorry, I forgot to mention, he has a builder available and all resources maxed

Do your alliance mate have a picture of this ?

Maybe he has not got enough iron to do the update ?

thank you all for your help! My friend figured it out!

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What was the solution ?

Basically, he stopped all the production and fully charged iron and food

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2021, Roster, and HA10 retraining 5* heroes

Say it all together…
… Depends on your roster and play style

Click for starting player advice

2021 and Roster

After 2x to 3x Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) gives you a solid team of 3x unique 4* heroes in each color ( total of 15x heroes, including Wu Kong, Rigard, and Melendor ) and

15x 5* 1.1 heroes for your roster / to use as HA10 ingredients

then HA10 retraining 5* heroes is a very important option

HA10 is similar to running 8x Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) at once

Magni & Vivica

The two very important Classic base 5* heroes are Magni and Vivica

If you do not have them, you can get them from HA10

HA10 is similar to running 8x Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) at once


SGG deliberately set it up most costumes so you need 2x base heroes, and 1x matching costume, for any heroes placed on a defense team for war, or tournament

Once you get an okay Classic 5* costume ( most are bad, some are truly wretched ) you can use HA10 to get a second copy of the base 5* hero ( if you do not already have two )

HA10 is similar to running 8x Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) at once

3* ascension items and 5* 3.70 heroes

Once you have a solid 4* 4.70 roster

And have 8x 3* ascension item per matching 6x 4* ascension item,

extra 3* ascension items are very useful for building a solid 5* 3.70 roster but

you cannot level a 5* hero, you do not have

Classic 5* 2.60 and Class quests

Without a costume, except for Magni and Vivica, most Classic 5* heroes are bad, some are truly wretched so leave at 5* 1.1 unless need at 5* 2.60 for Class quests ( looking at you red 5* Khagan )

5* 2.60 are generally better than 3* 3.50 but worse than 4* 3.60

limited availability 5* heroes mostly bad

Most limited availability 5* heroes from HA10 are bad, some are truly wretched,

but some are okay, some are good and some are pseudo 8* heroes on the right team

16+ years possibly

Running HA10 gives you another insanely small chance ( 16+ years is easily possible ) to get these okay, these good, and these pseudo 8* team heroes


But you need to get these okay, these good, and these pseudo 8* team heroes before you can level them to 5* 3.70, 5* 4.80, or 5*+18

HA10 retraining 5* heroes is a good option when all your other options are so bad ( looking at you SGG removing Atlantis coins, and Valhalla coins, from random loot drops )

Bad heroes

SGG deliberately creates bad heroes to act as filler, and increase the games’ spend depth

This is like a television series having an entire season made of clip shows

SGG has said Classic 3* / 4* / 5* heroes will always be in summons portals for this reason

So Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) is not great for 5* heroes, but one of the few ways to get them without micro transactions

HA10 retraining is not great for good 5* heroes, but 8x better than Legendary recruit training ( RT20 )


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Reposted for smartphones and future reference


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Hello everybody!

Am I understanding this correctly about HA10:

In exchange for a costumed hero, can I get only a costumed one? In other words, is there no chance to get a legendary hero who does not yet have a costume?

No whatever you put in, you have a 5% chance to get a costume if the hero you get has one.


Thank you for your answer, @Shunt.
One in twentieth will have a Costume if there exists one. Not much :confused:

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HA08 Collection x10 ( 25x days )

Until I get Guardian Falcon ( I already have Guardian Jackal, and Hansel ), I will be collecting HA08 Epic Heroes, every 25 days ( 10x training ) to reduce my disappointment with duplicate heroes

2x Collection

Once I have Guardian Falcon, I will be collecting HA08 Epic Heroes, every 5 days ( 2x training ) until I have all HA08 4* heroes

See also

Click for quote



Is there an updated list with all heroes in HA?
I believe S2 heroes & other event (at the events that are retired) are available in HA10.
If there’s a link where this information is available, please share.

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If you touch the tooltip in the level in game it says all the heros you can get


…but only if you can use the level.

2 trainings in progress, no ? icon :cry:

I will have HA ready tomorrow & then will start leveling, but wanted a ready reckoner. :slightly_smiling_face:
Any link online?
Thanks in advance!

Here you go then :slight_smile:


Thank you @Shunt :smiley: :smiley:

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Thank you, Shunt! Much obliged