[Suggestion, QoL] 6.5 day HA09 Epic Troop retraining & 6.5 day HA10 Legendary Hero retraining

[Suggestion, QoL] 6.5 day HA09 Epic Troop retraining & 6.5 day HA10 Legendary Hero retraining

Anti Hoarding ( see notes )

The queue for HA09 Epic Troop retraining, and HA10 Legendary Hero retraining is maximum of 1 to prevent both being used as hoarding ( iron, and food, respectively )

7 day 0 hours

Both are 7 day 0 hours

Same time

Unfortunately, the combination of queue limit 1, and 7 days 0 hours, means it is impossible to start the next retraining so it finishes at the same time

Start time creep

This means the finish of the next retraining creeps later and later until it clashes with work hours, meal time, sleep, etc.

Option A

To help deal with real life, reduce the duration to 6 days 12 hours

I want each retraining to finish at 5:28 P.M. EDT ( 10:28 P.M. UTC ) on Sunday

With 6.5 day duration, I can start the next one as late as 5:28 A.M. EDT ( 10:28 A.M. ) Monday and still stick with finishing at 5:28 P.M. EDT ( 10:28 P.M. UTC ) on Sunday

Option B

Cap the queue at 2, instead of 1

This would give users 7 days to queue up the next retraining and still keep the same finish time

Option B is not ideal, as it allows limited hoarding ( see notes )

Option B temporarily hides / removes an additional 4* troops, or an additional 5* heroes, from a player’s roster while the retraining is active potentially leading to customer service tickets

Option C

Double the ingredients, and increase the duration to 13 days, 12 hours

600 recruits, 2.576 m food, 2x 5* heroes and 13 days 6 hours results in 2x 5* heroes

This combines Options A & B, without the option of hoarding ( iron or food )

The main advantage is it helps preserve spend depth

Option C would require doubling Recruit storage ( Stronghold 25 maximum of 352 >> 704 ) but that would also be a Quality of Life improvement


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Anti hoarding



I have figured out a … solution is an inappropriate word … another, non desirable, cruddy option

Let’s call it a bandaid over an infected wound

I refuse to post it here, for several reasons

Is there a Discord, or other gated community, I can join to share information like this?

I voted and liked. So far in 40 retrainings my finish day has shifted from Tuesday to Sunday. That’s a day every 8 retrainings.



PS: Even one hour less (6 days 23 hours) would help a lot.


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