Hero Academy level 8 - Results & Reporting

In order to keep thread easy to read please share you results for HA8


I plan to start with HA8, had about 4 saved trainings and got gretel to start

Unfortunately gretel is a dupe, could possibly level it later, not sure. Have a bunch of summons back loaded but likely I will report weekly

Currently 1/4 on special event heroes

Currently missing the following event heroes:

Lancelot, Merlin, peters, boomer, Hansel & Cheshire Cat

1 Gretel Event hero! :zap:
2 Cadmon S1
3 Li Xiu S1
4 Li Xiu S1


Notes ( expected odds, academy heroes received, collection frequency, limited availability heroes, Mono game meta, Pseudo 5*, Pseudo 4.5*, Minion meta, Challenge Festival, Merciless RNG, new Whales )

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Expected odds

Academy heroes received

Woot! Gretel

2022-Jan-30 Sunday Second Gretel

2022-Mar-11 Friday Third Gretel

Guardian Jackal

2022-Feb-03 Jackal ( 3rd )


2021-12-23 Merlin

2022-Feb-21 Merlin ( 2nd copy )

Collection frequency

My HA10 5* retraining is finally ready ( insane build times, and research times, for Stronghold 21+ )

Since running HA08 Epic, and HA10 5* retraining, at the same time is so resource intensive ( and approximately 90% of HA10 is wasted resources on this account ) I am collecting both HA08 Epic, and HA10, at the same time ( 7x to 8x days )

Hero Academy
HA08 Epic Heroes recruit training
Guardian Falcon hunt
Hunting Falcon
Hunting Guardian Falcon
Academy heroes
Challenge Festival heroes

Limited availability heroes

Mono game meta

I do not sweat it

Mono teams are so useful I would need 5x Level 29 mana troops ( see notes )

Pseudo 5*

Falcon is one of the most useful Pseudo 5* heroes in Empires

Pseudo 4.5*

Jackal, Hansel, and Merlin ( Merlin is most useful, if you do not have Proteus ) are some of the most useful Pseudo 4.5* heroes in Empires

Minion meta

Captain of Diamonds is rumored to be useful at the end of Map Season 4, and Mythic Titans, if you do not have costume Gormek ( base version Ramming Pulverizer ( a Pseudo 5.5* special skill ) the costume version anti minions/ anti watchers )

Challenge Festival

Any of the Challenge festival heroes used in the Challenge festival

Ignore Elemental Barriers ( okay, Proteus cannot do that, so Merlin useful in that situation )

Get Stat Bonus +20%

So Gretel, and Cheshire Cat


Peters, Boomer, could seriously use a buff

Sir Lancelot is a red 4*, the competition ( Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, costume Scarlett, Kelile, costume Kelile, etc. ) is almost as bad a Merlin and purple 4* heroes ( looking at you Rigard, Protreus, costume Rigard, Tiburtus, costume Tiburtus, Sabina, etc. )


Merciless RNG

Loot box unit pricing is 290 days, or 116 summons

For all users on the live server, average is 65 days, or 26 summons

New Whales

Since Soul Exchange is targeting new Whales, no 3* / 4* Soul Exchange


34x Classic 4*
6x Academy 4*

15.0 %

Last Update 2022-Mar-11 Friday




Are we quitting if we do not like the results?

Added highlighting

Nah, just have fun, let others share their good new and celebrate with them

Then we have a typo

This is a thread

Not a threat


Posted this in the wrong HA thread. Here’s my first pull from the revamped HA8:



4 trainings claimed so far, all S1s, what did i really expect?

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3 trainings collected so far

  1. Peters - Dupe - kept
  2. Rigard - #5 - Ate
  3. Little John - not kept any of previously - ate

Edited to add

Heroes wanted: Hansel, Gretel, Sabina, Captain of Diamonds

Event hero status: Have both Guardians, Peters ( now x2), Merlin and Lancelot maxed. Have no need for Boomer, have fed him away before and wouldn’t keep even if did receive.


I started HA8 late, so just one: Gormek… ate him.

Wanted: Guardian falcon / Hansel / Gretel. Maybe Peters
Have: Guardian jackal / Merlin / Lancelot / Boomer. Boomer still sits at 1/1 for the odd change he gets another buff and becomes actually usefull.
Don’t have, don’t really want (but wouldn’t mind having): Chesire cat and Cap’o diamonds.

I would also really like if they would add the costumes to HA8 and HA5, so I can complete my set. still need a few (Sabina, Colen & Cyprian)


Yeah, that would be good.

I will report here only tomorrow, as I have started only on Sunday when my HA10 is ended.


First 4 out.

  1. Cyprian
  2. Scarlet
  3. Lancelot (dupe)
  4. Gormek

My needed list for collection: Boomer, Cheshire Cat, Gretel, Jackal


What are the odds on non s1 4* heros in ha8? Im currently running 10 and 6 for troops but there are quite a few event 4s id like especially jackal and falcon

My understanding is that all the 4* in HA8 are equally likely.

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Yeah but what are the odds of getting a non s1 like in ha10 its 5% odds for a costume or non s1 so is it 5% for a non s1 4* in ha8? Or are you saying it’s just as likely to get a non s1 as an s1 4*? I have a hard time thinking sg is that generous lol

GryphonKnight shared the expected odds a few posts up. SG didn’t mention anything so I believe it’s equal odds for each of the 32 heroes.
So it’s 10/32 for an Event 4% or 1/32 for any specific hero


My first pull from HA8 is

Guardian Falcon (who is a dupe, but I might keep it)


I might start HA8, cause I will stop HA10 for a while (I always run rare troops), because I need food for other stuff and this is cheaper, but before that I’ll run uncommon troops until every color will have 3 mana troops at level 11 (I need 3rd green/purple and 2nd/3rd yellow to lvl 11). After that I’ll run HA8 and I’ll hope for 4 missing event 4*, pretty much for collection purpose - Captain of Diamonds, Cheshire Cat, Peters and Boomer. They all have their uses except crappy Boomer though. Also 2nd G. Jackal and 2nd Sabina (I have her costume, but never kept her dupe for some reason, dupe can be useful, just like with other 4* healers).


Started researching 8 when I first read about the addition of new Heroes. Thanks to that I was able to collect 4 trainings which netted me my first event 4* Merlin.

Looks like i will keep this running for a while till my wishlist is complete.

Wishlist: Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal, Cheshire Cat, Gretel and Hansel.


Got the worst possible hero (counting S1 and event imo) but cool! It works! I have one at 1/1 already so LB C. Sabina ate him. :skull_and_crossbones::bone:

Note that my last pull was Gretel. 2 non S1 in sequence but also a dupe. My main aim was Hansel but I’ve just pulled him in Festival portal :balloon::raised_hands:t2:, so now the 1st spot belongs to Chesire Cat. :heart_eyes_cat: