Whose ascension is it anyway?

Further to my previous post, I have done some ascending and am running out of mats so need to be more choosy with priorities. I think I know who I want to level but as all of us who post do, I’d appreciate the hive mind’s input and expertise in spotting something I may have missed. Apologies for the essay. I’d say my focus is war depth and alternative line-ups for raiding.

TL;DR - I’m leaning towards ascending JF, Raf, Poseidon, Gazelle, Killhare and CSartana. WWYD?

The Candidates

Fire - 1 to Ascend (8 rings)

  • JF
  • Noor
  • CElena

Already maxed:

  • Tyr
  • Black Knight
  • Gravemaker
  • Mitsuko


JF: although initially skeptical, and already having a burner in GM, I’ve rediscovered an enjoyment with him since carelessly failing to account for his defence down switcheroo in a couple of war hits. I’ve also found a really neat rainbow line-up involving Gazelle and Killhare.

Noor: she’s just so fun! And her minions can be very effective.

CElena: pairs well with BK; I’ve had fun with her and Sif with raids. When she does go off it’s very fun to watch.

Other options: Marjana, Azlar, Khagan.

I’m leaning towards JF.

Ice (1 to ascend) (11 scopes)

  • Rafaelle
  • Skadi
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Misandra
  • Miki


  • King Arthur
  • Finley
  • Vela


Raf: I only have 2 levelled 5* healers and they’re both green. Raf is solid. Cleansers are always welcome. He is fairly sturdy at even at 3/70 though, but a boost in stats would be welcome in helping him survive long enough to change the game. At the moment I tend to bring him along as secondary healer with Heimdall

Skadi. Great in the current meta but is she worth ascending ahead of a healer?

Rumple - I like to have fun, and Rumple certainly provides fun.

Misandra - Arthur’s a good sniper, but Misandra is faster and has the benefit of mana boosting. She’d also be a good Candiate for War Defence with the cleanse.

Miki - works perfectly well at 3/70- I have a feeling he’ll stay there for a while

Other options - Magni, Fenrir, Aegir, Thorne, CRichard, CIsarnia, Glenda.

I’m leaning towards Raf.

Nature (1 to ascend) (6 tonics)


  • Telly
  • Lianna
  • G-Chameleon
  • Francine


  • Heimdall
  • LOTL
  • Kingston
  • Zeline


Telly - is losing the battle. I have more than enough tank alternatives and she’s not great offensively anymore.

Lianna - just keeps getting pased over but could be an excellent addition to the bench

GChamelon - will stay at 3/70 for a while but I do enjoy playing with him - when you pull it off it’s immensely satisfying

Francine - just seems like the obvious choice now - fast - cleanses - could be a good flank to BK in defence - but I do have Zeline as an alternative increased damage against ice

Others: CElkanon, Kaidlen, Horghall, Margaret, Zocc, Ratask

I’m leaning towards Francine - (sorry Lianna!)

Holy (2 to ascend (15 Darts)


  • Malosi
  • Gazelle
  • Norns
  • Posidon
  • Joon
  • Delilah
  • Rana


  • Drake
  • White Rabbit
  • Sif
  • Guin

Others: Justice, Bai Yeung, Neith, G Owl, Inari,


Malosi - I rarely use him - but he is useful when I do. He just doesn’t thrill me.
Gazelle - currently levelling her and excited to use her properly - will she work at 3/70 though? Does she need the extra survivability of full ascension?
Poseidon - I have no yellow snipers levelled yet and I just got him so maybe he leaps to the top.
Norns - could be very useful for war depth and providing another approach.
Joon - better than Poseidon? Probably not.
Delilah - Good to have a yellow healer.
Rana - I’m dabbling with the idea of a DOT team and she’d be a great part of it - and useful for field aid wars.

I’m leaning towards Poseidon and Gazelle

Dark (2 to ascend) (12 Tabards)


  • Killhare
  • Kagburrito
  • CSartana
  • Kunchen

Already Maxed

  • Seshat
  • Alfrike
  • Ursena

Others - CQuintus, CDomita, Thoth-Amun, Zulag, Clarissa


Killhare has been waiting for a while and can be devastating - she’d benefit most from the extra attack stats
Kage - is great but comes up against CSartana from the next sniper perspective
Kunchen - is probably sturdy enough at 3/70 - and I do have a couple of other Rigards I could level instead.

I’m leaning towards CSartana and Killhare.

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Hi @JaR82, btw very nice heroes :wink:
So based on my preferences the choices would be:
RED - None of them, the only one would be JF but you have GM already maxed. Wait til you have 12 rings and decide then. Maybe something new comes by in the near future (Gefjon, Marjana, Lady Loki f.e.)
BLUE- Hearing that you are lacking healers Raffa is no bad choice, lots of good heroes here, I would consider Glenda/Magni before the heroes you mentioned honestly
GREEN - Francine or Lianna, you will regret none of both
YELLOW - Gazelle or Joon, Gazelle is an amazing attacking hero, but you lack a sniper in yellow. But a combo with Gazelle, Rabbit and Drake is almost surefire 3 kill
PURPLE - I love Kage, but cSartana is also great. I would not choose Killhare because out of 3 maxed heroes you have only Sehat whos fast. And speed is essential nowadays.
Regardless what you choose you have a great roster and have fun with yoir choices :smile:


Red: C.Elena or wait.

Blue: Glenda or Magni or Rafaelle though choices.

Green: I agree Francine is great on paper pair with Almur should be good.

Yellow: I have C.Joon and Poseidon, both are great on particular situation. Poseidon is great pair with fast healer Wooly. Joon hit harder and the blinding is invaluable. But you already have fast hit Drake and White Rabbit (although both are not true sniper). I would pick Gazelle, I do not have it though, so you correct, try it at 3.70 on offense for a while. Delilah is also though candidate, I have her maxed and I realy like her for raid and maps. Well Malosi is also very fast blocker which is significant in current meta raid.

Purple: Killhare, other candidate is great, but I have her maxed, and she is killer.
C.Rigard - Panther - C.Tibs - Ursena - Killhare: 9 tiles,… 99% win.

Fire - keep in mind that Marjana costume is coming out soon. I would hold on to 6 rings for now.
You have some awesome options.
Ice: I would level Skadi or Glenda before Rafaelle.
Nature: If using Green war tanks and you not have Heimdall maxed on emblems, Telly is still the best war tank imo. Otherwise Francine seems like a good candidate.
Holy: Delilah is one of the best healers in game imo. As you seem to need healers, I would put her high on list
Dark: Kilhare no doubt. I think she is the most ridiculously strong hitter in game (tending OP)

In my honest opinion I would focus on the following:
Red = try for Marjana in costume if not then the fallback is Jean-Francois
Blue = Glenda
Green = Lianna
Yellow = Gazelle
Purple = Killhare and Kageburado
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

Amazing list of heroes!:heart_eyes:

I would choose the following ones:

  • RED: Marjana or wait until the chamber.

  • BLUE: Glenda.

  • GREEN: Francine or Lianna (but you already have one green sniper, so Francine first).

  • YELLOW: Joon and and Posidon.
    I know that Guardian Gazelle is very popular, but when I have to fight against her, I let that she uses her special and immediately try to kill her, so I can punish the whole group.

  • PURPLE: Kunchen and Killhare or… ALL.:grin:
    Kunchen gives me a headache whenever I have to face him, and as you need a healer, I’d choose him.
    Regarding the rest, you’ve got killers. Any of them would be an excellent option.

Hope I could help you.

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