Help with yellow mono team

hey guys here is my yellow mono team:

i got a final dart today to finally ascend my joon. and my main question is- who should joon replace in my yellow mono team? obviously raid (war, tournament) attack is my main concern here.

at first i was sure ranvir will be the one to go, but now i’m thinking inari is also a candidate.

inari is nice but i find she is often just a little too late to really make a big difference. i can remember a few times when she really saved a certain loss but often the raid is already won, with or without her. her dodge is a gamble too. it’s worth noting she has mana troop 17 and is two nodes away from mana boost so she should be able to charge more quickly… when i manage to gather the missing 5000 emblems or whatever.

ranvir is also a double edged sword. causes some unlucky misses and some unexpected major hits. combined with jackal and musashi i really felt his weak special attack but he was able to contribute in a more direct way than inari. however he is a gamble too obviously. both have a nice attack stat too.

i was unable to really track the exact amount of usefulness of either hero in raids, this is more of a gut feeling mixed with few memorable wins and fails.
my yellow mono works very nice and i’m able to take all and any kunchens and ursenas (i know i know, it’s a gamble but i more often win than not) you throw at me but joon is obviously an upgrade to attack power, not to mention i have quite a few spare monk emblems for him since i finished wilbur. so, if anyone has some experience with ravir and inari (both polarizing heroes i know) i would really appreciate it.

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For me the yellow mono team is one of the strongest teams i got, in wars and raids i rarely put ranvir/wu with jackal, i rather replace the gamblers with any other yellow hero even if it was a 4*
For titan i go with ranvir and jackal together
In your case if you are going with mono in raids and wars keep inari and replace ranvir
And i believe giving vivica the mana troops will help u a bit survive faster as she is a slow healer and u need her to fire faster and give your defense troop to jackal as he is so fragile and you want him to survive


Throw Ranvir out. Jooooooon.


Two votes for ranvir so far, thanks guys! :slight_smile: probably the right thing to do.

Not sure mana troops on vivica would shave off a tile even at this level? And crit troops have a better defense and health boost.

Jackal has mana troops to make him charge at six tiles, he is fragile but is like a machine gun :smiley:

Obviously i will have to play around and test things myself when joon gets up to speed, but i like getting input from player base. Might save me trial.and error pains at least.

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100% agreed with this and the post above this

I tried ranvir in pvp after someone goin on and on about how he’s not wu…i think they were high or drunk or both cause his snipe is weak and his gamble is the same if you’re on the bad end of a match

Could argue he’s worse than wu if facing ursena


Mana troops on viv would shave a tile but not enough to make a huge difference

Would put the mana troops on jackal

7 to 6 tiles is a bigger gamechanger than 12 to 11

Until you get mana troops to 23 then would put those on inari and a lvl 11 troop on jackal


Agreed, no mana troops for viv!

And will definitely put 17 level troops to jackal before inari hits her mana node, current setup is not optimal.

Seems like ranvir will leave my mono team after all. Which is not bad, he’s heavily (ab)used on titans anyway

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Would advise leveling troops instead of usin mana nodes but to each their own

Leveling troops is the better investment and mana nodes typically cost stat increases in other areas

Mana troops at mana breaks boost stats & shave tiles


Rav has no business on a great mono team - his misses will cost you wins. Maybe just 3-5 percent, but it’s still a hit to your overall effectiveness.

Inari is the opposite - she may only save 3-5 percent of matches, but combined that’s a potential 10 percent boost to win percentage. Add in Joon’s boost over Rav and I’d speculate you will see 8-12 percent better results.

It would take a very strong hero to move Inari off a mono yellow team.


@Rigs normally i would agree on mana troops, however im 180 emblems away from pushing inari node ( i would much rather give those emblems to marjana or even musashi), and i dont have enough yellow troops to even hit level 18. Since i dont summon for troops beyond ett, doubt i will ever see level 23 troops anyway.

@Halifax thank you for chiming in! I was actually searching old topics to tag you here, couldn’t remember your username but i remember you being a strong proponent of mono :slight_smile: i appreciate your take on inari, i do like her and i think her effectiveness will increase a lot once ill be able to get her to charge in 9 tiles

Plenty dont buy troop summons and still see 23, it’ll happen

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also need to take costumes into account…Viv with the costume mana bonus (and Joon for that matter) certainly change things…since I did not get any costumes, or really try, I have not done any hard math but I am sure someone has. I am in the same yellow quandry…I had wanted to ascend Delilah, hoping I would get Puss, but that didnt happen, and cant bring myself to pull the trigger on Ranvir. Guess I am waiting/hoping for Guardians to try the out the Safety Dance.


The costume bonuses do help with mana

But fast shaving a tile isnt that big a deal for joon

Viv is biggest bump goin from 12 tiles to 10 but requires lvl 29 mana troops or emblem node + lvl 23 but she still requires more than 3x3 matches to fully charge

Getting heroes under 10 tiles is main goal in offense on my end

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My suggestion is to try both options, what’s that going to hurt? Just cause others don’t like or do like ranvir or inari doesn’t mean you will. Both have their uses and chances to do nothing / create misses… sometimes inari dodging an aoe will save you, sometimes ranvirs buff will save you… find what works for you. (I have both heroes maxed and win raids with both)


i definitely intend to play around and see how both combination work for myself. i already know i need a sniper since neither musashi or ranvir do the trick (although musashi is very close). and my first instinct was to remove ranvir but i want to see what other people think also.

and getting heroes to charge in 3 matches is definitely the biggest deal. while charging slow heroes with 10 tiles is very nice, most common matches come in 3x

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I’m assuming the decision has already been made but with Ranvir possibly screwing you with missing a killing shot, he’s the odd navy out on a mono holy team ESPECIALLY with his replacement being Joon.

Best of Luck!!!


@PapaHeavy it definitely confirmed what i suspected yeah. really looking forward to finally leveling joon. yellow was the only color i lacked a sniper in. and thank you bud, best of luck to you too! :slight_smile:

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A Jackal-Joon one-two is a beautiful thing to behold.

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