Help with yellow raiders

When I raid I usually going against team that have powers150-200+ more than mine so Im using a 3-2 approach with the 3 opposite the tank and the 2 opposite a flank. I also bring two healers, one of each color for surivival. Im in the 2500-2600 cup range. My delimea is in the yellows.
c-Vivv +5 749, 746 1532
Jackel +11 817 549 1170
drake +7 757 730 1389
Inari 4-68 794 627 1281
Joon 4-80 749 636 1339
Leo 4-80 731 718 1221

Until Inari got so leveled I wad using vive, drake and Jackel. If I was going against a heavy hitter i might switch out Jackel for Joon. No I Inari with her 800+ HP. I replace her for one of my strikes I’m left with one yellow striker and one from the app of the flank. I looking for suggestion to kill purple tanks

Jackal + Joon would be the tank killer for you.

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Jackal and Joon together will kill just about anything. I would probably add Drake, but I don’t generally rely on healers in raids. Idk what your troop situation is but without mana troops to speed up Leo or Viv, they are far less effective for raiding.

Jackal + Joon + Drake should kill a lot of stuff. That’s your best option for killing purple tanks IMO.

I personally take Jackal(+20) + Joon(+15) + Vivica(+0) but I don’t have your other options. I’d probably drop Vivica for Drake if I had her and just take a healer in the off color. You don’t have to take 2 healers. I mean you don’t have to take healers at all but I like taking 1-2 often times. That said vs certain heroes you may badly want the Vivica cleanse. It can be really useful vs Gravemaker flanks as an example.

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Vivi is fully costumed(+5%mana) and yes I have a level 17 mana troop(+11% mana) and she is +6(764,746&1532). I have changed to J&J and doing well. Her cleaner ability has been helpful

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