Help with what to level next

Looking for some help on what to power next… biggest question is for Yellow but other colors also… and yes… I have only really spent emblems on Scarlett. I have 8 Damascus Blades, 7 Tome of Tactics, and plenty of 3* ascension items (4* listed with each color). My alliance is currently fighting 7* titans and usually I am the top or at least one of the top 3 scores (thanks Athena and Wu Kong). Only care about defense team for war (not raids) so I guess something helpful for the titan or attacking in war would be the best.

Yellow: 12 Darts… Yellow has been a constant problem for me… First I could never get any yellow 4* to the point where I had Leonidas sitting at 2.60 and then 3.70 with Onatel also at 2.60 to ~3.40 and now with the exact opposite “problem,” plenty of yellow 5*. Current plan is to finish up Guardian Falcon (wanted to max at least a 2nd 4* before maxing a 5*). After that I was going to max Onatel but now I got Inari, Ranvir, and Vivica. Wu Kong survives on titans currently but I know eventually he won’t. If he will survive up to 9* titans I am not too worried about replacing him just yet.

Green: 8 Tonics… Not working on anything right now and so debating on maxing Melendor just to help a bit with war/raids but otherwise I figured one of the Margarets, even if only to 2.60 or 3.70 if nothing better shows up by then.

Purple: 7 Tabards… Currently working on getting Ursena to 3.70. After that I was going to max her but I got lucky and pulled Seshat. I am wondering now if I should stick with Ursena or switch to Seshat and go to 3.70 next. Once they are both 3.70 figure out which one to max… not sure which is better.

Red: 10 Rings… So yes Scarlett was my first 4* and is the only hero above emblem level 1. Her +18 brings her up to 895 attack and she works well for me so replacing her will be a sad day. As for feeding, currently getting Marjana to 3.70. Best bet is I thinking maxing her next… otherwise Anzog to 3.70?

Blue: 1 Telescope… Athena was my first 5* (from Atlantis) and so had to be the first I maxed. Now that she is she will be getting some emblems but I am just not sure which path to go. She is obviously why I have only 1 Telescope but it was well worth it. Otherwise not really sure what is worth it here… Could max Grimm for war or could power one of the Agwe to 3.60 just because. Or could just feed blue to one of the heros above. (Please ignore the impostor Gadeirus)

So thats it… thanks for any help!

Hey Bub

You have some good choices. I face some similar dilemmas. Here’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

Yellow- vivica and ranvir both for war and titans.

Green- max Melendor and take Margaret to 3-70

Purple- seshat and ursena to 3-70 then decide

Red- I maxed Anzogh and really like him but Marjana is probably better.

Blue- max Grimm then wait on scopes for Frida.


I think you’re taking a sensible approach, and don’t have much to add.

One thing…
Grimm > Triton.

Do Grimm soon.
Mine is emblemed up with attack over 800.
And the def down is sweet.
This is doubly true if you’re playing with Frida too.


Thanks both killen-time and inigo.

I had maxed Trition over grim because he was more use to me. Athena was already lowering defense and already paired with Frida… Trition gave a family bonus for a war attack team and sits on my field aid war defense team.

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