Who to Level Next? Seeking Advice

I currently have about 2 fully leveled 4* teams, and am approaching having the ascension materials for some 5* heroes. The question is - should I push for 3-4 fully leveled 4* teams prior to shifting some of my focus to leveling 5* heroes, or is it a good time now to start pushing these 5* to 3/70 in anticipation of 2 more rings, 2 more telescopes or 2 more tonics in the near future (I have 7 darts and 7 tabbards already)? I have the following 5* heroes and their current level, and 1 TC 20 running full time.

Yellow: Leonidas (1/1) - Is he worth my darts?
Blue: Athena (2/40)
Green: Horghall (1/1)
Red: Gravemaker (3/32), Red Hood (1/1), Ares (1/1)

Of my red 5*, I think I will prioritize GM>Ares>Red Hood…

Alternatively, I can hold on these 5*, and further push a handful of 4* to their final ascension. I have a good mix of 4* support heroes fully leveled (Rigard, Melendor, Kiril, Proteus, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Wilbur) and am a little weaker at fully leveled snipers/damage dealers (Grimm, Hansel), but it hasn’t proven to be a limiting factor…yet.

I have the following 4* at 3/60…some I’ve held off as I’ve prioritized other heroes, and others that I don’t think I’ll ever push past 3/60 unless I have a glut of Ascension Mat’s.

Purple @ 3/60: Cheshire Cat, Tiburtus
Yellow @ 3/60: Gretel
Blue @ 3/60: Agwe, Triton
Green @ 3/60: Caedmon, Gadeirus
Red @ 3/60: Boldtusk, Scarlett, Kelile

I have the following 4* still at 1/1, just waiting their turn…ultimately I will push all to at least 3/60.

Purple @ 1/1: Sabina, Cyprian, Ameonna x 2
Yellow @ 1/1: Chao x 2, Danzaburo
Blue @ 1/1: Grimm x 2, Agwe
Green @ 1/1: Melendor x 2, Caedmon
Red @ 1/1: Wilbur x 2, Sumitomo

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

At your stage of the game it isn’t worth giving AM’s to five stars and it will hamper your development. The problem is the cost to fully level a five star is so much higher than a four, that you will fall behind in whatever color you pursue your five in.

Four stars are the depth of this game, and most of us (even those with 2+ rainbow teams of fully levelled fives) still use our fours. They’ll help you with wars, titans, events, and raids.

Finish: Gretel, Tiburtus, Triton, Boldtusk, and Caedmon up to 4-70. That’s a killer rainbow team you can build a great defense from and start harvesting materials from titans you will someday need for your fives. You can do that in SIGNIFICANTLY less time (IE less than half the time) it’d take to level any of those fives.

Once you get that crew upped, I’d honestly work another crew of fours through, but if you’re feeling impatient, then do a five star.

You’ve got a great base for your team. Hang in there and stay the course.


It’s kind of what I was thinking. I do have the AM’s for Leonidas, but I just don’t find him worthy of the investment. I’ll keep pushing my 4*, but dang…it’s a GRIND!

Gretel is awesome, I would max her before Leonidas (and I actually did that myself :wink: )

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Thanks for the advice! I haven’t experimented much with Gretel as I’ve been preoccupied with Hansel. Really hoping for Guardian Jackal and Falcon in tomorrow’s event…

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This is fantastic advice. Get those 4* maxed and work on Five Stars later in the game 100%

Nah, you’re doing the right thing. And ignore what I said, you don’t immediately need another team of 4 stars after this one. I missed how many support guys you’ve already finished. I’d still do the five guys I mentioned first though if it were me, because of the options they are going to give you. I’d still want that Boldtusk done for wars and green titans. I’d still want Tib done for yellow titans. Triton makes such an effective addition to most 3-2 stacks featuring a 4 star healer like Kiril. Caedmon is desperately needed due to your lack of snipers and dispellers (I know you have Melendor, but a fast dispeller is handy).

After that, Alasie is definitely worth the mats to prep her for her 4th ascension next. You’ve already got Grave ready to go–and it’s pretty clear once you get your rings he gets em.

100% agree with this. Was going to recommend exactly these, but Gallowspider beat me to it.

Past that, I would let class need play into your calculus as well. I have both Leonidas and Thorne at 2/60, by design. I was weak in monks and paladins, and I knew I could take them to the mat wall and still be in better shape than anything else I could do. See if you have situations like that. It can be a satisfying compromise at this in-between stage that you are in.

I’m kind of at the same type of place. I have only one five-star maxed - Poseidon. That choice was easy, since it was between him and a second Danzaburo. Now, though, I’m debating if and when to ascend more. I have the mats in every color but yellow (thanks to Poseidon), but my choices are not generally well regarded (Domitia in purple, Thorne in blue, and Azlar in red; no green, unfortunately). If you decide to work on your legendaries, just be willing to put them on hold if a useful hero of a lower tier comes along. I paused Domitia for Rigard and Gill-Ra (because that one was a quickie), Thorne for Kiril, Leonidas for Li Xiu, and Azlar for Boldtusk. They aren’t going anywhere, and you might draw someone better in the interim.

Thanks for the advice. Boldtusk is the next obvious 4* priority hero for me. Gretel is also a no-brainer because my other 4* yellows (Chao/Danzaburo) don’t seem to be highly regarded. Triton has great synergy with some of my other heroes because I am heavy on the healers. Caedmon I use heavily, and although Gadeirus has a family bonus (with Proteus and Triton), I find his mana speed unsettling.

The question comes down to my green and purple 4*. Although I do love Tiburtus, I’m also of the opinion that you can’t have too many healers, so I’m not sure if it is smarter in the long run to level Sabina. Cheshire also has such a unique skill set that helps with Yellow Titans, and his DOT has saved my butt a few times. On the other hand, I’ve heard that Cyprian lets you cruise through Ursena (plan on finishing S2 soon)…so many options!

Hansel is definitely better, but it helps Gretel that she’s a different class and color than him. So you get the spell slayer status for 4 different quests with both in your roster :slight_smile: And considering that most vanilla yellow 4*s are subpar, she adds value to yellow stacks.

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You also can’t have too many defense down heroes for war. (Well, I guess more than 6 would be overkill! :smile:) I’d not only level Tiburtus, I’d get Wilbur on your short list of reds.

That’s true. I have a fully leveled Wilbur already, and am stashing 2 more for a future date in 2039 when I’ve caught up in this game lol.

Cheshire Cat drives me nuts. I wish I’d never levelled him, honestly. Tiburtus is a better option IMO on Titans and adds offensive fire power you’re lacking at the moment.

I like Sabina, too (I use mine all the time), but you have Rigard and Melendor done already. Between the two of them, they can do anything she can.

Can’t comment much on Cyprian because I’ve never used him–but levelling someone to seventy to beat one level feels like a big investment to me. (Especially when I don’t really see how he’d be any better than using Hansel and/or Gretel plus Proteus. Ursena will never get her ability off if you can keep those guys alive). It’ll be slow, but it’ll work. (Bring a couple healers along)

The 4 star advice is sound, and looks like you’re taking it.

Dont ignore 3stars either - you want 2 rainbow teams of the best 3stars you can get to compete in the raid tournaments to get extra emblems and ascension mats.

And if you’re going to cheat and start working on a 5 star, start on Gravy. He can be your tank for a LONG time.

Wilbur, Caedemon and Grimm still feature prominently on my attack rosters (I run mono) and I have been to #1 globally - so when you max those heroes, they will last you a long time.

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Thanks. I have 3 rainbow teams of 3 stars, and a handful more I’d like to level to give me versatility in stacks for tournaments. Gravemaker was my first 5*, and I went all the way to 3/32 with him before I realized I needed to pare back as the feeder investment was better off on my 4* heroes.

After taking advice into account, I think my new strategy should be to prioritize my 4s, and pump them up one at a time for each color until I get that 6th 4 ascension mat for a 5* I want to push all the way.

Overall yes Tiburtus is better then Cheshire cat, but for yellow Titan or for all yellow mobs/opponent, I think Ceshire Cat is also worth and most important is fun to play, IMO.

Maybe your phone or tablet works better than mine for this game, but beyond the shorter period of defense down % (and if we ignore that Tiburtus’s attack does it’s damage up front, which isn’t insignificant), CC’s attack fills up my entire screen with garbage for several seconds, which means I can’t see the board to plan my next moves. On titans where timing is important, I’d rather have those seconds back than the extra 10% defense reduction.

My other thought for Tibs on titans is he runs a pretty good shot of getting a second special off while his first one is still active, meaning it’s another 295% damage at -34% reduced defense. If you Cat a titan that’s already been Cat’ed, you just replace the current poison effect that’s in place. OP also uses Proteus, whose poison effect will get replaced by Cat, meaning Cat’s special probably won’t deal much in the way of direct damage.

I do still use a maxed Cat on one of my Titan teams, and was really hoping I’d like him more, but it’s been a frustrating experience for me. I’m glad you’re able to get more out of him than I am!

(…And we won’t even talk about how bad he can screw you up in raids and wars–I still believe he’s this game’s avatar for RNG personified)

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@Gallowspider, thank you for clear explanation here, I’m just saying based on card here. And my CCat is still at 1.1.

Well, that make sense to me, if you said so (based on your experience), my Tiburtus is 3.60, I will switch my priority to ascend Tiburtus 1st before the Cat then. I was just planing to ascend CCat before Tiburtus, because I already have Grimm and Wilbur, and I decide based on card compare, fast mana with -44% def down, that awesome.

So CCat still has a place into my bench for war and for fun farming etc I think… :sweat_smile:

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In my honest opinion, I would focus on maxing your 4* heroes on from 3/60 namely:
Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Gretel, Triton, Cheshire Cat and Caedmon.
In addition I would focus on one 5* - Gravemaker and max him up

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I would push at least 2x more 3* teams before moving to the 5* since they are helpful during war as your 3rd and 4th team at least. Also, they don’t consume your AMs for 4*/5* heroes.

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