Yet another, who to level next ......x3

Alright, so I’ve been stuck for a while on deciding who’s next. I’ve got a decent roster so haven’t been in a hurry. I have mats for 3 (with the upcoming Mount Umber) so here it is. I’ve put them in the order that I’m leaning and only included ones I’m considering.
Ranvir, (next HotM), Joon, Musashi, Viv
Supporting Cast:
Onatel(7), Delilah(7), Poseidon(3), Inari > Most of the 4* but notables are Gretel and Danz that see action. (PS, using Pos with Danz…do it if you have them! All Danz’s perks, no freeze!)

I’m leaning Ranvir for titans but I have Tarlak and the next Hotm (name is evading me) looks useful.

Fire: No particular order here on the first set. Really struggling here.
Zim (waiting at the wall since i got her), Anzogh, Grazul, Nat, Elena
Supporting Cast:
GM(10), BK, Mit(10), Red, Wilbur(20), > Falcon, Boldx2, Sumitomo, Scarlet and a couple more.

Leaning Zim cause I feel bad for her lol. Problem is her and BK overwrite and he takes the punches on the red stack team.

And the one I just can’t do…
Lady, Hatter, Kingston, Morgan, Lianna
Supporting Cast:
Albi, Tarlak, Eve, Zeline > Buddy, Hansel and others come to play.

This is the one I’m having a very hard time with.
Lady is Amazing, she would probably even get emblems (+1) from Mit. But another slow green (-1?)…hmmm
Hatter, this guy is Amazing!! He’s like bringing another hero or two or three along for the ride. He’s a mild sniper with decent tile damage too. But he’s situational and even taking him against Aegir tanks or anyone else timing can be tough. Another +1 -1 situation.
And then Kingston…I have Zeline so the attack debuff is covered (albeit not to the same extent). But a green sniper that can do that and survive GM…ugh.


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Holy: Ranvir; although I would wait to see if there is any more balancing on Neith (November 2019 HotM)

Fire: I feel like I heard Grazul has good synergy with the heroes you have but I may be wrong

Nature: I think Kingston or Lianna + Evelyn makes for the better pairing considering

…granted LotL and Vivica as healers can always be useful

Grazul is just meh.
Even Margaret scares me more.

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I would go with Zimkitha regardless of BK because you can use them on two different teams, plus you have a fast cleanse. I’m not a fan of Grazul so it’s a no from me. Natalya is a counter specific hero used against Guin, Alby, MN, LotL and Atomos, so there is that to consider. Elena has great tile damage and her special is on point, so you can’t go wrong with her, but over Zim and Anzogh, I do not prefer. Speaking of Anzogh, he is a mixed bag of tricks. I like him, but over Zim, it’s still a no. If the BK thing is bothering you though, go with Anzogh.

Ranvir if you are titan focused, Vivica over the others because she is a healer with great attack and her special can save a raid.

Green will be either Kingston or Hatter for me. I’m leaning toward Kingston first because your other two fast greens make Hatter’s boost steal useless, so you would have to put him on a different team or use him before using Zeline or Evelyn, which is not ideal. LotL is, imo, for someone with an established hero roster, which you have in spades, so if you want to ascend her, I wouldn’t hold it against you.


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Yellow: if you don’t have Wu - go for Ranvir.
Red: Anzogh, he’s underestimated, but in fact he’s awesome.
Green: Kingston (you can’t always rely on Hatter).

I read Ranvir has been a disappointment so am surprised he has so many fans.

This intrigues me and I’ve also been told danzo is meh, so if there’s hope I’ll try it - thanks.