Help with war def team

Hello all,
I have an issue with defense team in war.
First of all our alliance is using the red as common central color.
For central hero i have for sure a 3/60 Wilbur;
For flank i want to use a 3/50 Kashhrek;
For lateral a 3/60 Sabina
Them my dubs:
I have this heroes to complete the defense team:
Bane 3/50 (7/8);
Valen 3/50
Kelile 3/60
Caedmon 3/1 that i can give some exp.

In my opinion, considering the central red for all alliance, and because having a stronger 4* is better than rainbow colors (and if the enemies uses too much blues for attacking my ally and my Will/Kelile, then they will end strong blues for the second respawn.) the best way to put my team is:

But a friend told me that is better to dont avoid 2 colors (yellow and blu) and suggest to pick Bane or Valen instead of Kelile.
What do u think is better?
Thanks to all for any reply and pls sorry for the topic cause i’ve yet asked this on another one.

I have 4* troops for Blue and Yellow but only 3 star troops for double red and double green

With your heroes, you don’t need to use Valen. Just keep the colors separate, what you’re doing is good. I would put Kelile over Valen.

I would go:
Sabina | Kashrek | Wilbur | Caedmon | Kelile

I would start leveling Caedmon now though.


I agree with Dave. If you’re going to tank with Wilbur, you really need a dispeller like Caedmon in case they flip your lower defense buff.

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