Defense team/war/leveling advice

Hi all. Been wondering what’s the best way to set up a good defense/war team with the lineup I have now. I currently run a

Sonya- C. Rigard +12- Boldtusk +9- C. Li Xiu 3/60 Caedmon 3/60

I know it could probably be better, but I usually have a hard time deciding how to set up my colors or who to replace and/or level up to max from the following

Red: Gravemaker 3/40 (will not have enough rings for final ascension), Kelile 3/60, Wilbur 3/60, Sumitomo/Scarlett (under leveled)

Blue: Kiril +7, Grimm 4/32, Boril 3/60, Triton 3/60

Green: Little John 3/60, Elkanen 2/60 (will not have enough materials to fully max), Kashhrek 3/60, Melendor 3/60

Dark: Clarissa 3/45 ( can max all the way), Sabina 3/60, Domitia/Cyprian (under leveled)

Light: Chao 3/60, Hu Tao 3/60, Justice 2/60, Drake Fong 2/60, Vivica 2/60 (will not have enough darts to fully max any of the 5*s), Wukong 3/36

Thinking about maxing Li Xiu and Caedmon. Any help is greatly appreciated!

maybe, you can try this line up
Caedmon - Grimm - Rigard - Li Xiu - Kelile

as a tank, i prefer cleric rigard. cus rigard best in flank or attacking team.

it’s my suggest.

I think, you should probably need to see how your alliance friend is choosing the center tank color.
Then you would be able to see which hero of that particular color is best as the tank

After that you can select your best healer, then 3 remaining position, which will give you the guideline and priority list for leveling heroes.

There is no best team. You have only proper team for specific purpose.

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