War def team tip

First of all sorry if opening a new topic every time is a mistake, pls tell me if it’s ok or i should use the old one i opened weeks ago for similar reason.

In your opinion wich team is better for defense in war? (Wilbur center and not Kash for the common red of ally)

I think that having one more color is a good idea especially because kelile is same color of the central (but maybe thats ok if we all use red central??)
And according to hero grading Wu Kong is a B at defense while Kelile is even a C!
To be honest i dont get why Kelile is rated so low in def, she is a fast hitter and with an ok damage; Wu Kong is obvius great for the reasons we all know but if goes bad luck my enemies will take even less damage.
Another point to consider is the combo with Willbur, wich hero is better with him? Are them all ok?

Wu kong is 7/8, all other heroes are 8/8

Oh and ofc the positioning. Maybe i have to put wukong on the left with Caedmon and at the opposite side Kash and Sabina.

I think keeping Kellie off the defense team is s good call for the exact reason you stated. If your defense color end up 2-2-1 offense will have an easier time.

Is your alliance running red only for center?
(Aka Tank)

At your progression Kashrek would be a pretty solid tank as well. Do you have any blue 4* ? Rainbow is usually ideal but in very early stages your 2 4* green at 3-60 is good. Is Wu your only yellow?

The 2nd team looks good. A lot of heals but at that power level opponents will struggle. Wilbur not heals but is support. Sabina and caedmon remove the benefiy wilbur grants opp. Looks good

Ty for reply. No, my only others 4 stars are Scarlett 3-40 and Little John 2-31.
All of us are using the red as tank if possible or at least as flank if too weaker than the tank.

Your second shown def was pretty cool, if you’ll swap Caed to Sonya, who’s almost he same in blue.

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