Help with my war defense team

Hey there.

I’ve been playing for a while now but I don’t know a lot about tactics and team building. I have a couple 5* and 4* Heroes but don’t know the strengths and synergies. Can you help me with that?

I think I might be able to build a good defense team for wars out of those, I just don’t know which ones to choose and where to put them… Currently Im playing with the idea of having Wilbur in the middle or Kashhrek since I have difficulty playing against them but I don’t see a lot of success with them…

Also could you tell me which ones to level up next? That would help as well.

My attack team mostly consist of Boldtust, Merlin, Alasie, Kadilen and Joon. If I need double colour, I swap out Kadilen. I’ve never tried fighting with a single colour either so any insights there would be appreciated.

For raids, I don’t really care about those and I rather play with a weak defense there so I can counter attack weaker opponents for the chests. Is that even a good idea?

I hope you can help me, I just think I need a bit of input from outside since I can’t seem to be able to figure this out on my own. Thank you!

This is my team:

As a regular defense team, you could try this one:

Zimkitha - Alasie - Kadilen - c. Boldtusk - Joon

This war is rush mana, so Justice in the middle could be a pain the neck.

You’ve got a lack of power in purple, so I’d max Sartana without a doubt. Besides, you have her custome.

Hope I could’ve helped you.

I think overall your best team with heroes you have either maxed or untouched is…

Joon-zim-kadilen-magni-sartana - super aggressive.
Healer would be BT to plug in as viv is too slow.

Kash is a good tank especially with costume.

Try raiding with 2-3 combo in colors. Let tile damage be prt of your game. Good luck!

Add on… with what you have emblemed now…
Joon-bt-kad-marj-alasie no obakon :grin:

The good thing about this game is the diverse range of opinions. Personally I would go (L-R):

Alasie, Kadilen, Obakan, BT, Joon

as I think these are the strongest you have in the best positions. Having said that I have not yet levelled Obakan, and I am sure you have already tried this, and have never been lucky enough to pull Alasie, but perhaps the Tavern of Legends gods will smile on me tomorrow!

Good luck and I hope you get something out of all these diverse views!

I’ve seen Kadilen three times now, so she seems to be pretty good? Or at least I don’t have anything better.

Are costumes always better? I’ve only leveled the costume of Boldtusk but I don’t even know if it’s that great. I feel like when attacking, I need the extra damage more than the extra healing.

I picked up Sartana just a few days ago together with her costume, I was super happy since I know that I lack purple heroes. Obakan is my strongest I think but I really like using Merlin for the effect. It’s been super useful. With him, Malosi and Peters, the enemies can’t do that much in terms of attacking or effects. But the combo is pretty weak otherwise…

Also, where should I put my emblems? I put a lot into 3* heroes for the tournaments but… I don’t really get anything useful out of these so I’m doubting myself there haha :sweat:

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