Help with the war defense team

Hello everybody,

I’ve been playing with this war defense team for quiete a while now.

Now I’m thinking of how I can improve it. Maybe you can help me and have a few ideas.
These are my other 5* heroes that will be possible.

I have currently disdistributed all of my emblemes, so I might have to redistribute them.

Thank you for your opinion and help!
And plaese excuse my english

Hi, does your alliance tank any particular colour hero?

If not, I would recommend using Freya as tank.

Then would shuffle your team (and emblems) somewhat:
Kingston - Black Knight - Freya - Arial - Costume Joon

In some war effects, Gefjon may be more effective than BK at flank (e.g. equalizer or Minions).

You can shuffle the emblems from Magni over to Kingston to pump him up a little.

In Rush Attack Wars I would go:
Kingston - Prof Lidenbrock - Freya - Krampus - Gefjon/Marjana


Thanks a lot for the tips.

We don’t have a specific tank clot in our alliance, I’m free here.

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The biggest hint you can ever have to setting a defence is to think to yourself: “How would I attack this?”

If this is (?) in traditional formation then the standard way to attack a red tank (BK) would be to stack blues - is there anything here to punish that? No, blues are neutral to every other colour, so there’s no punishment for me stacking blue to attack it.

I would consider attack teams also - if there are certain heroes you want highly emblemed for attack (Ariel and BK definitely, for me Killhare also but I like AOE…) then don’t strip emblems off them, your attacking capability is more important than defence.

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