War defense Frigg or Ckadilen - Elizabeth or Gefjon

What is your opinion, we play with a blue tank and that is my defense.

Should I use Frigg instead of Cadilen? Would Gefjon be stronger than Elizabeth? All have 20 emblems. Does the order of the heroes match?
Let me hear what you think.
A big thanks to everyone!

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Here are my other 5 * heroes

Any chance your alliance would switch from blue tanks?

In general I find you’re ordering to be a bit off. I’d switch the flanks. That way Elizabeth can benefit from krampus attack up and prof can heal and cleanse before you get further down your defense.

Corner kad is the least scary version of kad.

I don’t have many of these heroes but I’d prob remove Elizabeth from defense so you can move your green hero to flank.

We are playing for thr first time with a uniform tank and most of us have blue, maybe we can change the color in the future.
I could also introduce Frigg-Prof.-Krampus-Ckadilen-Killhare.

The problem with frigg is green is going to be the color of choice for enemies with blue tanks. And that should limit Frigg’s devastation.

But a corner rogue can be a pain. Especially with kadilen dodge added.


Point for you.
But we are an alliance with around 150,000 points would now assume that our opponents do not have an infinite number of green heroes and the def-down would remain.
Remains difficult for me.

Yeah and many play mono anyways. I have two of the top twenty heroes you have so it’s hard for me to think my alliance is better than your’s and that opponents wouldn’t have similar rosters to take you down.

Ok, based on your advice, I now set it up like this.

Thanks to you so far

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I’d probably go with Heimdall, Gefjon, Krampus, cJoon and Killhare. That’s a lot of nice heroes there. :clap:

CKad is better in your setup.

Just switch the Prof with cKad and you are good to go.

U already have krampus for taunts so go with frigg

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A big thanks to you all

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