Rush war defense help

I’m looking for the optimal setup for my Rush War defense. I’ve included some pictures of what I think are viable heroes. We are running PURPLE TANKS (Alfrike will be my tank). I normally have Santa on my rush defense but wondered if C-Viv might be a better choice?

Thanks in advance!


I would use both, Santa an Viv, heal with minions is annoying in vfast wars

I would probably use


If you think that this team is to defensive you can replace Santa with c.Marjana


I did consider using them both, and maybe that’s worth trying. Teams with a heavy defense require lots of fire power otherwise you can’t make any ground. With that heavy offense you often sacrifice healing and that can get sticky. So maybe that’s a good strategy. I like the idea of Francine with a Santa flank to encourage them to bring in blues, which she does extra damage to.

Alfrike is obviously a must
I like Santa for Red
My first thought for Green was Telly, but I think Francine cleanse could actually be better (also giving you some more fire power)
I like Glenda more than Lepus for Cleanse, but the power of Lepus is definitely there
Holy I can see value in a lot of those heroes.


Francine c.viv alfrike Santa lepus

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Thanks all for the input. I did want Odin on there, but I can see C-Viv being an asset.


If you’re going to use cVivica, you might want to consider embleming her to the 20th node. 250 emblems are a lot, but with the 4% mana regeneration node and 5% from her costume she hits the 9% break point for VF, so you can put a crit troop on her which will greatly increase her def and hp.

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My yellow crit troop is still at level 1. I’ve focused more on mana troops for the most part.

Morel or C-Krampus for Rush war?

C Krampus :smile: 20 characters


It’s been a while since I posted looking for rush war defense help. Last rush war I got 1-shotted 3 times in a row. I went MN, Anne, Alfrike, M&M, Gosek. So I’m looking to change that this go around. Here are some of my top heroes. Wondering if I should tank Alfrike or M&M? Also, do I use Kalo and MN or just stick with MN?

Any help is much appreciated!

Kalo - Ludwig - Alfrike - Kullervo - MN


Kalo - Ludwig - Alfrike - Adalinda - MN



Thanks for the suggestion! I have run almost this exact setup before. Just added a number of good heroes since and wondered if Kalo/MN and Alfrike/Ludwig was the best combo.