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I’m looking for some advice regarding the lineup i should focus on building and the ascension prioritisation(right now i don’t have any heroes ascended with rare mats)
This is what i have:
4s - Kelile/Sumitomo/Bloodtusk/Gormek
3s - Hawkmoon/Nashgar
4s: Kiril / Boril
3s - Gato/ 2x Valen
5s: Evelyn
4s: 2x Skittleskull
3s: Belith/2x Mnesseus
4s: Sabina/Proteus
3s: Tyrum/Gill-Ra/Balthazar
4s: Chao
3s: Bane

Right now my lineup for defence is Kiril/Evelyn/Sabina/Kelile/Chao because they are maxed at 2/4 and 3/4(like i said i don’t have enough mats for ascension)
On paper i saw that Sumitomo is better then Kelile so i don’t know if i should switch that.
I can also switch Kelile for Bloodtusk and replace Sabina with Proteus- so it will be Kiril/Evelyn/Proteus/Bloodtusk/Chao
Since i got so many reds i was thinking about making a full red team(i saw a lot of people using the same color teams for events).Something like - Bloodtusk/Kelile/Gormek/Sumitomo/Hawkmoon , but it will be very hard to ascend because i will need the same type of mats for all of them.
Also - is it worth keeping the 3’s i listed above?I also have some other 3’s heroes but they are crap.Are the 2x Mnesseus buffing each other dmg?


A fully leveled rainbow team could help your growth best imo. Depending on your patience, you could either start with a 3* team (quicker to level, can have fun in raids earlier) or a 4* team and take them as high as possible (takes more time, but these heroes you’ll use for a long time).

Here comes a possible order per color, drop the 3* if you decide to go directly to 4*s.

Red: Nashgar, BT, Gormek - BT is an excellent healer, Gormek is defense debuffer, increasing the team damage

Blue: Valen, Kiril or Boril - if you start BT, then start Boril for blue, otherwise Kiril is a better hero (but you need damage dealers not too many healers)

Green: Belith, Evelyn or Belith, Mnesseus, Evelyn

Purple: Balthazar, Proteus, Sabina

Yellow: Bane, Chao

An all red team is difficult to level because they need a same mats and more difficult to play with because only one color does tile damage.

I already said that i have this team Kiril/Evelyn/Sabina/Kelile/Chao maxed to the point of rare mats, so trying to replace them with fully ascended 3s is useless.Regarding the 3’s i only asked if i should keep the ones that i mentioned.

First of all, my deepest apologies because the reply from the only person trying to help you wasn’t according to your expectations! :wink:

Secondly, 2/4 is not maxed, third tier mats are farmable, keep working on them.

I wrote in my reply that if you are not interested in the 3*, then drop them from the list. The order of the heroes in the lists is the priority order in my opinion.

I’m back to my own business, good luck.

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2/4 was clearly for Evelyn…rest of 4s are 3/4. I’m sorry if that was not understood. I’m also sorry that i had to put some effort into this and got nothing that i did not knew in return. I bet you did your best. Take care.

Chao Proteus Boldie Eve Kiril

For me, Proteus appears to be a very event type oriented hero, that can shine in boss fights when you have the time to set up a big combo, but other then that he is slow and doesn’t do much with his dmg.But i think i can go around the lack of dmg if i time BT buff ability well with others.Thank you!

Proteus is one of the few 4* I still regularly take along on raids and titans in place of 5*'s.

His DoT damage is irrelevant, where he shines is stopping of the enemy from gaining any mana and using their specials.

If i’m raiding and can delay 3 of the opposition from using their specials for 3 turns that is a huge advantage, likewise stopping a titan firing is very useful and as he’s average mana you can often refresh his special before the effect of the first has worn off.

Yes. Never eat a leveled hero. You need 30 heroes for alliance wars and a mix of heroes for Class Trials. Keep everybody.

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One last question regarding the family buffs for atlantis heroes. The buff stacks for the same hero? I was interested if having 2x of the same hero will buff each other dmg.

No, only different family members will buff each other.

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Okay, I understand alliance wars, so I need to keep some time my leveled up heroes, but my line up is changing in few days dramatically.

My current line up is

1st line up statuts
Layla 2* maxed
Bane 3* -20 leveles
Olaf 2* maxed
Jenneh 2* - 4 levels
Shaarkot 2* maxed
2nd lineup status (prom and level)
Julius 2* 2 and 8
Kailani 3* 1 and 1
greymane * 1 and 14
Needler 2* 2 and 9
sharan 1* maxed
Reserve status (prom and level)
Sha ji 2* 2 and 1

Just starting to build TC to level 11 and then to 12, I know this takes time and my other TC is only in level 4

But which kind of lineup I should be focusing? or wait which types 3* heroes I get and settle those or what I should making now? And I have “misfortune”, that those 3* heroes in early days Bane and Kailani were same colour and and Olaf is defensive and greymane is defined as offensive

Always prioritize your 3* over 2*. Bane is great; Kailani has a key role in tough battles. Graymane is much tougher than Olaf. I would make a hard run at getting these heroes maxed.

2* heroes are primarily an early-game set. Hinestly, i skipped past them by doing a few summons early, which are guaranteed to give 3* or better. It’s not until you get up to 3* that you are going to be able to complete some important content, like Rare Quests. So save up your gems and do some pulls next week when the new event summons portal opens (on 14 Feb) if you can.

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I haven’t used any gems, I’m little stingy in these games =) just thinked that should I use them, when I get my first 3* heroes from the TC so can think that which way my team is heading. But noticed when harvesting resources or rushes that I should have healer or defender in my roster.

Little suspicious of Kailani, but I think I ave to test her over Bane and Graymane over Olaf.

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