Help with second 4* blue and red hero ascension!

Hi guys!
I would like to have an advice on which second 4* blue and red heroes to ascend. At the moment,my heroes configuration / ascension plan is the following:

Yellow: wu kong 4/50 - jackal will be next
Purple: Tiburtus 3/40 - gafar will be next (I also have merlin, rigard)
Green: Caedmon 4/10 - melendor will be the next
Red: boldtusk 4/20
Blue Grimm 4/10

Now, I have all 4* blue and red heroes (also lancelot) and I don’t know how to proceed according to other color hero skills. Which ones should I ascend next ? I am mainly interested in AWs and Titans.
Blue…Sonya or Kiril ? Red: Gormek, Scarlett, Kelile or Lancelot (don’t have falcon unfortunately T.T )?

Kiril and Gormek to me would work fine :smiley:

even if I have tiburtus and grimm doing the same thing?

On war Gormek is useful with color stacking (even if for war you could want Scarlett or Kelile) and versus green titans it is really helpful :slight_smile:

I noticed that kiril and boldtusk don’t stack…so many times i have to wait…is it still better to max kiril over a hitter like Sonya?

They indeed replace eachother ATK buff but you could want to replace Boldtusk with Kiril VS red and blue titans. You could also fire the Dwarf first and then replace his lower ATK buff with the strong one or even use them on different teams while attacking in war.

While Sonya could be needed for her dispel Kiril would be more useful overall.

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