Future ascension of my hero roster: need help and suggestions :)

Hi Guys!
I have been playing for 5 months now and I am at the point in which I have to make some important decisions and I would like to have some suggestions.
My current hero situation is the following:


RED: Boltusk max, Wilbur unlev., Gormek 4/30, Lancelot 3/60, Scarlett 3/60, Kelile unlev
BLUE: Grimm max (1 unlev) , Kiril max, Triton 3/60 (1 unlev), Sonya unlev, Boril unlev
GREEN: Caedmon max, Hansel unlev, Melendor 3/60, LJ unlev, kashhrek unlev, gaderius unlev, gobbler unlev, skittleskull unlev
PURPLE: Merlin max, Tiburtus max, Rigard 3/60, Gafar, Proteus, Ameonna, Cyprian, Sabina all unlev
YELLOW: Wu max, Jackal max, Gretel 4/50, Jackal unlev, Chao, Hu tao, Liu Xiu, and Danzaburo unlev

As 5* I have Sartana and Tarlak 3/70…I can max tarlak and I need one tabbard for Sartana.

Moreover I have the following 5s unleveled:
BLUE: Misandra, Aegir, Perseus
PURPLE: Khiona, Mokk-arr
YELLOW: Guinevere, Drake

Which is the best way to procede ascending those heroes? I am mainly focused on titans and events, but I would also like to start being useful in war for my ally.

When asking for ascension advice, providing the number of ascension mats you have will give the reader much needed info to better help you.

You do not have a deep bench yet so do same color feeding.

Red: max Wilbur asap, he’s basically OP but he is a 4* so people won’t complain about him but he is really that good. Max Scarlett next then get a 5* red.

Blue: Max Triton or start working on Misandra if you have at least 4 scopes.

Green: Max out Tarlak. Max Hansel then Melendor.

Purple: Max Proteus then work on Khiona. Max out Rigard.

Yellow: Max Gretel. If you don’t care much about your trophy count, go with Drake.

If you want consistent titan scores, bring Tarlak (replaces Wu and additional healer) and Wilbur (replaces armor debuff and keeps whole team alive) and 3 heroes with strong tile damage against the titan.

@Mananabas you are right, I forgot to indicate the ascension mats I have:

4* : 4 Damascus b., 5 Tomes, 3 Scopes, 6 Tonics, 5 Tabbards, 8 Rings, 3 Darts
3* : 6 Compasses, 9 Gloves, 12 Blades, 5 Orbs, 8 Shields, 5 Traps, 12 capes

Thank you for your advice…I have few questions…Why is Drake to prefer respect to Guinevre? Is Misandra good as first 5* blue or should I wait?

Drake will very useful in offensive raids, events and most especially titans which is the best source of ascension materials. If I had to give an advice to players that do not plan to spend a ton of money, it would be to build your first 10-15 heroes for titans. So when choosing between a tank and an attacker, I always choose the attacker so I can improve my titan scores.

You already have Tarlak, Wilbur and Wu. Grimm, Boldtusk and Kiril are also great for titans. Take care of your titan team and those ascension mats will come in faster.

So in this case Drake > Guinevere as her only role is as a tank…instead, do u think that giving Misandra 6 scopes as first blu is worth ? Or heroes like magni/ Isarnia would be better?
I have heard discordant opinions on her…

It’s like a gamble with Misandra. If the special effect kicks in, damage will be high and mana for team. If the effect doesn’t kick in, she is meh. If you are ok with the uncertainty that comes with her, ascend her. If you want your raids to be more calculated and more consistent, wait for Magni or Alasie.

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