Need Help Deciding What To Ascend

Hopefully this all makes sense when it’s said and done. I am looking for overall advice, so not specific to wars or titan hits. I feel this is ok since I can actually ascend 3 heroes.

I currently have 8, 4* heroes at 3x60, but only have the mats to ascend 3 to the 4th tier. My issue is I only have 3 Fine Gloves.

What I currently have fully maxed:
Wu Kong (Yellow)
Sonya (Blue)
Tiburtus (Purple)

What I currently have at 3x60:
Gormek (Red)
Scarlett (Red)
Kelile (Red)
Melendor (Green)
Kashhrek (Green)
Skittleskull (Green)
Hu Tao (Yellow)
Merlin (Purple)

Mats I have:
5x Orbs of Magic (Yellow)
5x Trap Tools (Purple)
5x Sturdy Shields (Green)
8x Hidden Blade (Red)
5x Compass
3x Fine Gloves (My issue)

So, in all, I have 8 total ascend-able heroes, have the mats to do 1 yellow/purple/green, and 2 red, but only have 3 fine gloves to do so.

Any thoughts/suggestions with reasoning behind them are appreciated! Thank you!

Skittle and Hu Tao aren’t worth leveling let alone maxing.

From red, Gormek ist best, but will not stack with Tiburtus. You might need him later on anyways vs green titans. Scarlett and Kelile are both average while Scarlett combines better with Wu.

From green, Melendor is a very good healer, I can recommend to ascend him, although his defense is low. Skittleskull is very good with Wu, gaining attack on 5 targets. Kashhrek is for defense, if you need that.

I have not played with Hu Tao or Merlin, but Merlin is said to be very strong.

Still, I would go for 5 colors first or maybe Gormek, Melendor and Merlin at once.

My vote is also on Gormek, Merlin and Mel.

Gormek is very versatile, useful both for titan, raid and war. I use him a lot.

My Merlin just got final ascension, but looks very promising. OK tile damage and useful special against titan and in raids.

Scarlett, melendor, Merlin.

Scarlett has one of the highest tile damages in the game and her special is fast, reduces enemies attack to help protect herself. Gormek hits like a wet noodle. I wouldn’t prioritize gormek over Scarlett since you already have one pulverizer.

Orf8 - Noted on the maxing. A little late on the leveling comment though! >.<

Dragon1620 - I seem to be defense-heavy right now. Specifically in raids, I gain most of my trophies by winning in defense, and lose them on attack. I think I’ll put Gormek on the back burner in place of Scarlett for ascending (At least until I get more gloves!). I love using Merlin against titans, he’s a beast. Merlin + mana pots means I pretty much never get hit by the titan’s special.

SilverDragonR - Per SWEG’s comments, I think I’m going to wait on Gormek, as Tiburtus already has the same special, and they don’t stack.

SWEG - Thanks for the notes! Seems everyone is in agreement with Melendor and Merlin, and I agree with your points on Gormek vs. Scarlett.

Thanks all! Now, time to try and get more compasses, and especially more gloves!


Mel and Merlin for sure. Healers are always helpful and Merlin is loads of fun. I raid with him now and he has saved me quite a few times.

Red would be between scarlet and gormek. I quite like gormek but there is a strong argument for scarlet. She is a bit weak but hits hard as mentioned.

Scarlett, Merlin and Melendor. When you get another pair of gloves, Gormek

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Gormek I think is the best red to ascend out of what you have, but because your team still needs some fleshing out (and you have tiburtus already as well) I think Scarlett would be better for now, and you can do Gormek at a later date. Besides that you should 100% ascend Merlin and Melendor.

Melendor and Merlin for sure :wink:

So true. This is a game, after all. Merlin is not only effective but can bring a smile to your face when something wonderful happens because of him. Definitely the most fun hero in the game.