Help with Reds!

Currently , my Reds are : Zim , Marjana, PIB , Azlar , JF, BK, Natalya All Maxed along with wilbur x2, Falcon x2 and some other 4*

My question is : i have 6 rings , to whom ? Santa , Kong , Elena , Anzogh ?

Please help


Probably 2 Kong’s before the others.

Yes, you have Zimkitty for cleanse but Kong hits like a truck by comparison - genuinely excellent hero, I’ve had no reason to regret maxing two of him.

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Personally I would go for second healer - Anzogh

Or Kong if you need more firepower (he will destroy everything with Wilbur and Falcon)

With Wilbur and BK*

Fire both, wait two turns, unleash Kong with +145% damage.

Not much survives that - and unlike Azlar, it all lines up perfectly at average mana.

I’d say Anzogh. The combo of attack and healing is really powerful. Max the atk and you deal more damage while healing more.

BK vs. Falcon.

So, an attack buff with BK has more damage than the elemental defense debuff provided by Falcon when with Kong and Wilbur? Something tells me otherwise. I really felt that 2 defense debuffs (one regular, the other elemental) offers the most damage than one regular defense debuffer against the enemy and an attack buffer for the entire team. I may be wrong on this. Do we have a thread on this. Please direct me.

Damage calculation formula is here: Damage Calculation

So +100% attack equals -50% defense, so full BK buff (+145% attack) is slightly more than -54% elemental defense from Falcon. But Falcon do some damage too, while BK doesn’t. And you don’t have to wait one round till you are hit (to get to +145 % attack).

Note: The damage calculation formula doesn’t work when you get over certain attack/deff ratio (around 8 I believe). So if you tried to calculate titan damage for example you would get much higher numbers than you would do in realitiy in-game.

Please also factor in the inherent +20% defense of heroes defending either in raids or in wars.