Help with Purple 4-5* heroes..who ascend next?

Hi guys,
I need some help to decide which purle hero ascend next. At the moment I have the following maxed out:


I have the following untouched:
Cheshire Cat
Double merlin, proteus



How should I procede? Thank you ! :slight_smile:

I’d go with cat for 4* and kunchen for 5* , bcse u need a healer if you are going to do mono purple

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Edited because didn’t read properly :frowning: Go with kunchen :slight_smile:

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  1. Kunchen
  2. Cat
  3. Second Proteus
  4. Khiona
  5. Second Merlin
  6. Obakan (I have him at 3/70, but he’ll stay this way for a long time).

I have Kunchen, two Cats and three Proteus to max before.

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Even if I already got a maxed mother north?

Nope , the purpous is to have a maxed 5* purple , since you don’t have Aeron , bcse you have hitters already .

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If I pull aeron when he will be released in atlantis, do you suggest aeron or kunchen?

Aeron is great , but he works more with nearby allies , and he regenerates health over 3 turns so it can be despelled by Sonya or caed … etc , and the immune to status ailments is also only for nearby allies witch make him useless in the wings ,but kunchen works with all allies and recovers a bunch of health (42 % * 1300 HP =546 HP , with 1300 HP being the average health for most 5* ) , and the defense down is also useful , along with the defense up for dark Allies from elemental link , so it’s very efficient to stack him with dark Allies , and he got more defense and more health than Aeron ( becse you want your healer to stay alive to be able to heal his allies ) , looking at the info presented here I’m leaning towards kunchen .

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Consider that, IF he’s one of the featured past HOTM, your odds of getting him are lower than 1%; and if he’s not one of the featured heroes in Atlantis, the odds are negligible.

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