A little advice please ?*, Should I ascend two different hero's even tho they both monk class

My first 5* hero was drake Fong and I love using him !, My only problem was not having a purple 5 and now I got Aeron who looks grand as well, my concern is that they both monk class , and I have one of them on 70/3 ,should I ascend both or just one of them to finale Ascension , I’ve only been playing for ±8 month and I’ve noticed people really know this game back and front lol, and everyone has their own opinion so please any advice will help #ThanksInAdvance

If Aeron is your only option for a 5* dark hero, ascend him. Is he your only 5* healer as well? A little more insight to your roster as a whole would help everyone give you advice. Such as if you had Rigard you might hold off leveling Aeron right now. He’s a cleric and with emblems he’s very very good. Speaking of emblems: if you leveled Aeron and want to split emblems (1/2 Aeron, 1/2 Drake) you can or you can put them all on either. I’m sure the most responses would encourage you to emblem Drake since he’s one of the best heroes in the game still. I have Marjana and Alice maxed and I split rogue emblems between the two.

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Aeron is… A bit so-so.

Honestly, I’d hold out and see what else you land unless you’ve got 10+ tabards waiting.

Costumed Rigard does the job almost as well for less here earned materials


Ok firstly I wanna apologize on my knowledge of names , I have 3 purple 5* that is Aeron,HOTM thats on the goat , and bearded man that hits lighting to all enemies ( I wish for custom to add on him tho that would be grand ) , and my healers are the green beast that was HOTM last month telluria or something ( it’s gonna be my 5green I think) and I have a red guy that heals 20% of damage done , not sure name again sorry , and blue I put my telescopes in vela but I just got the blue 5 rabbit , my only other 5* are justice , azlo ( lion guy) , marajane, and elan ( counter red) , I also have guardian chameleon , and I have rigard with costume , ( hope this helps #BlockingMyFace

Thanks I have costumes rigard on 60/3 but this game is giving me luck with hero’s and no luck with gloves lol, that’s super rare for me

That’s okay! So you have Aeron, Grimble, and Quintus in purple plus Rigard (and his costume). In that case I’d definitely max Rigard (and his costume) when you get the mats. I also agree with having Quintus’ costume would be grand, but until then level up Rigard. Definitely go with Telluria as your green. Vela, Telluria, Drake should be a nasty front 3 (in that order-Telluria in the middle as the tank) for defense. Marjana in the right corner and Rigard in the left corner - I always hate seeing Rigard in a corner when I’m attacking. Maybe it’s just me.

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Thanks that sound pretty grand !, So for purple , just max Rigard and wait maybe better 5 will come , patients Is the game hay , #thanksAgain

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In my honest opinion, and as already said above, you need to focus on levelling Telluria and Rigard costume. Then put those to front and centre of your raid defence team with Vela and Marjana in the wing.
But for your four star you need to max Buddy, G. Falcon, G. Jackal, Wu Kong and Scarlett
Good luck

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