Help with my next Red Hero Ascension

Hello! Currently, I have the following Red Heroes:

Marjana - 4/80 + 3
Boldtusk - 4/70 + 14
Anzogh - 3/70
Kelile - 4/70 + 2

I only have 1 mystic ring so far, but have 4 hidden blades. As it may take some time to get the next 5 mystic rings for Anzogh, I am thinking of using my 4 hidden blades to ascend another Red Hero.

Here are the candidates:

Santa 2/60
Gormek 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Colen 3/60

I haven’t touched Santa for a while as I already have Guinevere as my tank and I am currently in Diamond Level. I already have Grimm(4/70 + 11) as my ramming pulverizer.

Any thoughts?

I like Scarlett out of those to be honest. I use her for green titans.


I guess I can’t go wrong with 3 Red Rogues - Marjana, Kelile and Scarlett for green titan (lol).

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Depends on your priorities. For Titans, Scarlett is the choice. Even dead, she will boost your tile damage significantly. For war depth, maybe consider Gormek. Yes, you have one ramming pulverizer, but you need six war teams, and Grimm can only be on one of them. Gormek has a pillow soft attack, but he has a pile of HP that should ensure he gets his special off before dying. Can’t say the same about Grimm. I’ve emblemed him to +11, and he is even more durable. I see you have your barbarian emblems on Grimm, so that may not factor into your decision. I definitely would leave Santa parked with only one set of rings.

What’s up @Noble_Weasel
How was your luck I Sand Empire event?
1 pull got Hisan

I agree with Noble if your priorities are titans Scarlett all the way.
My choice for any thing else would be Colen.

Haven’t pulled yet. Waiting for July. I know the chance of popping the HotM is infinitesimal, but it has happened to me once. I have zero use for Ranvir. I have Onatel and Leonidas already in line for darts (which I have zero of after maxing Poseidon), and my alliance only fights baby Titans anyway. Wu will be plenty for me. Seshat, on the other hand, looks amazing, and would immediately take priority for my tabards over Domitia (who ain’t half bad, and I am excited about).

Realistically, with 7-8 EHTs, I’m expecting Arman or Hisan if I get any event heroes at all, and I wouldn’t be bummed about either. Yellow 3-stars are light on good heroes, and I’m thinking I could use Hisan with Muggy and Brienne to build a brutal green three-star stack. My wild hope, though, is to reel in Yunan! :smile:

Trying to get my 2nd TC20 up and going now. That way I can keep 1 TC20 going all the time for a chance at 5*'s. 3 days before TC19. My alliance is also only fighting baby titans, haven’t seen a 7* titan in the 6 1/2 months of playing. I did get Caedmon maxed so now on to Evelyn(3:60); maybe get her to 4:1 then do Hisan & Muggy because that 3* green stack sounds Interesting. I’m waiting for next month also may do 5 more pulls (hope to get LUCKY also don’t have a 5* purple) and save the rest of my EHT for Christmas.
Good Luck & happy gaming

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