Nature Hero Ascension

So I have 6 tonics again and I’m trying to decide who I should max.

I already have Evelyn and Lianna maxed and in 4 star nature heroes I have Melendor, Peters, Buddy, and Hansel all maxed (with some level of emblems as well).

My options are Gregorion (3/70), Horghall (3/70), and Elkanen (unleveled). The obvious choice seems like Gregorion, but I do have Lianna already and his Mana speed doesn’t match as well with Evelyn. I’ve read Elkanen is good with Evelyn, but I don’t know if he’s good enough to beat out Gregorion, who would be a clear upgrade on Titans over Lianna.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Edit: I also have an unleveled Atomos that I failed to mention because I had honestly forgotten about him wasting away on my bench. Does anyone have the guts to recommend him?

Greg or maybe Horgh. Horgh seems to be the one missing in your nature team, since he will AoE and is slow. I never thought of ever giving that advice, but he may complete your greens.

If you feel uncomfortable with Horgh, do Greg instead.


I run Green Mono in high diamond and have been to #2 globally. Green is my strongest team. I run North/Lianna/Lianna/Buddy/Evelyn.

I can’t emphasize enough how important that timing is for Eve/Lianna2 - it helps make the team work. If I didn’t have The 2nd Lianna, I’d have Elk there.

For me Buddy is a defensive play usually - I take out the tank charging up, then Eve/Li2 kills one side and Buddy debuffs the other side and gives some minion shield. If I was going pure offence I might try moving Elk up in his spot. Finally North comes in later and fixes bad board problems if I’ve had any. :wink:


I absolutely agree. When I run a green stack for raiding, it always consists of at least Evelyn, Lianna, and Hansel for that very reason, so I definitely see the benefit to Mana charge timing. Thanks for the insight into your team.

Thanks. That’s a view I hadn’t really considered.

I would do Gregorion.

I usually use a raid attacking team of Rigard - Evelyn - Gregorion - Lianna - Vivica
and it isn’t unusual to crit 800 /tile on non-red defenders with Evelyn’s special on.
When they doesn’t die from the specials first, as I would try to ghost tile like a madman.


Gregorion if Titans matter at all in your decision. 3/70 Gregorion was in my lineup for for biggest titan hit along with a 4/13ish Evelyn so they obviously work at 3/70 but would have been better maxed. I need two more Tonics for Gregorion myself but he’s for sure going up next.


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