Help with my hero roster

I’m fairly new to the game, only at level 12. Can someone help me with my team please? I’ve attached a photo of who I currently have. I’d basically like to know if I should be switching anyone out with someone else I have? Also what heroes do people strive to get in general? Thanks to anyone who helps!

Start on 3 star heroes. Gato, Namahage and Mnessus is a good way to get going.



Long but worth a read…

Also there this YouTube videos by @NittanyLionRoar

Hope it helps yah…


Thank you! Is it important to have each element? I’ve seen on some forums that it’s important to have a healer so I don’t want to switch Hawkmoon for Namahage but if I don’t switch then I’ll be missing an element since I would have two reds on my team

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It’s good to have each element is defense and for attacking. Being when you are just starting, worry about 3 star heros and when you grow a bigger roster you can start stacking colors. Hawkmoon and Namahage are both very good 3 stars. Once you can ascend 4 star heroes come back and we’ll help out again.


Thanks so much, the forum was really useful. The explanation about using 3* heroes instead of 4*/5*s really helped me as I was focusing on Kadilen a lot thinking she was my best hero after all:,) Unfortunately I did give away the Bane I had but hopefully I’ll get him again in a future summon!


i havent been playing the game for too long as well.

but an advice i can give you, since you are starting out, you dont have all the materials you need to fully level up your 4* and especially 5* heroes.
focus first on your 3*, build a strong steady team that will help you collect materials and grow your stronghold. meanwhile start working on your 4* and 5* heroes, build them BTS and when they are strong bring them out, that way you will have a strong team.
an advice i received recently, a max 3* hero is stronger than a partially leveled up 4*, a maxed 4* is stronger that a partial 5*.

1* and 2* heroes are feeders, dont focus too much on them.

also note that it is not mandatory to have a rainbow team, you can have 2 heroes of the same color on your team. al lot of players do, depends on your strategy.

a healer is necessary? yes and no, depends on the situation.


No probs there’s always good info and people on here willing to help.
I’m pretty sure yall get another bane down the road :wink:

Yah part of this club now…


This is a very broad question :slight_smile: The chances to get a particular 5* are very low. Probably a good way when starting out, is to get heroes that are useful in a variety of situations. Healers, dispellers, cleansers.

As your hero bench grows, and you discover more parts of the game (and learn which parts you like and which parts you don’t), it becomes easier to be more targeted in your summoning.

At your point in the game, I am also not sure if better to finish Atlantis first before starting Valhalla and then Underwild. Keeping in mind that the game designers plan to release new seasons more quickly (now one new season every year!)

Also keep in mind that some summoning coins can be used in multiple places. Example, Epic Hero Tokens can be used in any of the 4 Seasonal summons. Some players like to plan and save up for a particular season.

Same for Challenge Event coins, of which there are now 7 Challenge events and 3 more to come. Some players then choose a particular event with heroes they like, and save up for that.

Probably the best thing to do, is also to work up to having a Training Camp 13, and then 20. So you can produce the season 1 (vanilla) heroes yourself. It will take time of course, but it’s still a good steady source of these heroes.


I’ve just gotten Tyrum, Renfeld and Oberon and I’m wondering which one should I choose for my dark hero? I also have Gill-Ra. My current team is Mnesseus, Hawkmoon, Gato and Hu Tao (I’m waiting for a holy elemental summon to replace him but as of right now he’s my only option).

I would keep Hu Tao, as a 4* he should have higher stats than your 3s. Other 4s will come soon enough :slight_smile: I recommend summoning instead in Atlantis portal or other places like that, instead of summoning in elemental summon. Hu Tao May be slow, but he’s still an upgrade over 3*s

For Purple I would consider Gill-Ra. Useful skill. Tyrum is nice is just a purple version of Mnesseus. Renfeld without costume isn’t very useful. And Oberon’s special skill isn’t as useful as Gill-Ra’s

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I also have Tiburtus and Cyprian if that helps, I just presumed I’d need to work on 3* heroes for now.

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I’d stick with 4* wherever you have them. Others should be 3*. An ascended to tier 3 level 60 4* hero is much more useful than a 3* hero. Also quite more powerful.

Tiburtus - Hu Tao - Gato - Mnesseus - Hawkmoon should be a very good starting team. Just focus on these, level them up and progress further. Unfortunately I don’t see your starting Bane, he would be somewhat better than Hu Tao, but once you ascend Hu Tao to the third tick, that should change.


Yeah, sadly I fed Bane to Hu Tao at the start cause I just presumed Hu Tao was better hahaha. I also have Graymane now too but I’m presuming Gato is better? Thanks for the help

Graymane is very bad. That is a fact. All of the life stealing 3* heroes have bad stats. Prisca, Renfeld, Graymane…I guess SG tried to balance them for that powerful ability. Well they balanced them to the point those heroes are almost unusable.

Yet there is an initial application for Graymane. There are Trials quests which require you to have specific classes of heroes. Graymane is one of the few 3* season 1 sorcerers. So he can be of some assistance.


Gato is definitely indeed better :slight_smile: faster mana speed and a more useful skill effect

Don’t worry, you will eventually get another Bane back. But at least Hu Tao blinds all, that’s a nice plus

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I’m a massive fan of Hu Tao tbh, I like heroes that do damage to all but I understand his slowness is quite a downside to him. Who are the best 3* and 4* holy heroes actually? I know I can’t choose who I get, I’m just curious xD

I had no idea at the start that you would need more heroes than just one teams worth so I’m really glad I’ve been told about all the different usage of heroes for certain quests etc because I know I would have just fed away so many useful heroes like I did with my Bane hahaha. Thank god for this forum xD

From all of the seasons, the best 3* should be Poppy and Kvasir. From S1, those should be Bane and Bane. And Bane.

From all of the seasons, probably the best yellows are Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal and Griffin. From S1 those are costumed Chao and Wu Kong. Li Xiu and Hu Tao have more limited applications.


Are some heroes limited time only? Like are there some heroes I’ll never have a chance to get?

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